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Don’t be caught naked

Key verse: 1 John 2:28

And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear, we may have confidence, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.

John 21:1-7

As infants, when we returned from school, we went about playing rough with our friends. At times, we played soccer or some other game that made us so dirty in the end. Some of the times, we were caught in the act when our fathers returned from their works unannounced and because of our state at the time they so returned, we were ashamed of ourselves and rather hid from the face of the ones who loved us and sent us to school from their sweat and earnings. Adam was naked when the Lord sought him out after he had gone into disobedience. What is your state today: are you in filth and therefore naked?

Like God came to Adam in the garden and like our fathers in our infant days approached our playing fields unannounced, the Lord is coming back soon for His bride. It is only those who are fully dressed, clean and ready, having on their garments without spot or wrimkle, that He is going to relate or fraternize with. He demonstrated it before. When Jesus had paid the price for our sin, having led His disciples and taught them the way to live after His demise, He expected that they would hearken to His voice and instruction by sticking to that which they were taught. Alas, the one that had the headship figure, Peter, had decided to be a bad influence to the entire gang, forsaking the way of the Lord which is fishing for men like it was handed down to them, but returning to his vomit, which was fishing for mere fish. Having the mind that the Lord was dead and gone, they continued their enterprise unconscionably. But then the Lord came unannounced. When Peter realized it was the Lord, because he was caught in his nakedness, he sought to cover his shame by grabbing his cloak, yet it was not enough to prevent him from jumping into the lake in shame.

The day of the Lord is at hand. It will be like the days of Noah. Enough warnings have been preached to enable the diligent get into the ark before the flood arrives. Are you still out there ‘enjoying’ in your nakedness? The same will present a bad picture to your Lord when He returns unannounced if you don’t repent urgently. Repent right now while there is time. Tomorrow may be too late.

Pray: Father, I love to be with you. Please forgive me, wash away my filthiness and cover my nakedness. From today, let me live in accordance with your will in Jesus name.

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