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Don’t despise the Word

Focus: Proverbs 13:13 - KJV

13. Whoso despiseth the word shall be destroyed: but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.

Judges 16:15-20

The word of God is sacrosanct. It must be kept to the letter for there to be any profiting in it. For as long as Samson obeyed and stood in the word of God, he had no enemy that was able to withstand him. But, as backsliding or misbehavior is not a sudden affair, he started to disobey and dishonor the word of God. As a Nazarene, he was never to touch any corpse: somehow he took honey from the carcass of a lion; he was not to be unequally yoked with people of other nations: against the counsel of his parents, he sought foreign women to wife and went in to others as harlots; he was forbidden from strong drinks and the locks on his head were never to be removed: since he was breaking the word, it was not a big deal for him to reveal to his enemies the fact that the locks must not be removed. By the time disobedience became a king in his heart, he was destroyed. The word of God to Moses was speak to the rock. Rather than speak, he struck it twice. The word to Achan was destroy everything; rather than do so, he kept some idols in the form of precious metals. The word of God to king Saul was to destroy everything in Amalek; the poor boy won’t listen, after all he was the king. Everyone that despises the word of God courts destruction. May we not be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

The Word of God is meant to bring us to an expected end where joy and peace reign. For as long as we hold the word worthy, we take the full benefit thereof. Where are we now regarding the word of God to us particularly? On this beautiful day, it is beneficial to pause and check whether we have been obedient to the word of God for our lives. If there has been default, we can quickly turn around and seek the Lord’s mercy. The reason He is sending this out today is so that we may look inwards and repent. Refusal to adhere to the word is tantamount to despising the word. Moses was so close and used to God that he spoke with God mouth to mouth. When the same word he heard from God was despised, his assignment was truncated. Stature is immaterial in this matter. Stand firm for the word to obey and fulfil it.

SOLUTION: God honors His word above His name. Wherever the word of God is found, be careful to respect and obey it and not despise it.

The Father of Light in whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning shall uphold you by His word today in Jesus’ name. He will ensure by His Spirit that you never run afoul of His word in Jesus’ name. Every glorious word the Lord has sent your way shall fulfil that for which it was sent in Jesus’ name. Abide by the word of God.

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