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Don’t wander away

Key verse: Psalms 119:10

With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments.

John 12:4-6

Jeroboam was a nobody when the Lord took him up to take a chunk of Israel away from the family of David for the sin of Solomon. God had sent to him a prophet in Ahijah who told him he would ascend the throne over ten of Israel’s tribes. At a point, in fear of Solomon, he became a fugitive. God kept him and restored him when Solomon died. The prophesy became fulfilled and the kingdom was split in the hands of Rehoboam and the larger chunk given to him. No sooner did he become the king that he started to move against God until one day, his son was sick unto death. Then he sent his wife in disguise to seek Ahijah whom he had forsaken, for the word of God. It means he knew all the while the source of power but decided to turn his back on Him until things got to a head. Is this not true of many of us today also?

Judas Iscariot was one of the prominent followers of Christ. He was there following Him when He did most of the things we read today in scripture. He was a front burner to have been named amongst the twelve Apostles. That is not ordinary. He was more preferred than many to have been named the treasurer of the ministry. Rather than keep following Christ who will not so much dip His hand into the till to pay tax but will rather send Peter to the river to fetch the coin with which He paid, Judas had his ways of taking money from the till at will without anyone suspecting foul play even though almost everyone knew he was a thief as scripture later shows. He wandered away from the commandments of He who loved him and elated him so. The end of course was betrayal and eventual suicide.

What can separate us from the love of Christ? He who voluntarily laid down His life that we may have life: why would we throw away that which He has offered us with His own life just to have a pleasure that can never last? It is time for us to have a rethink. What is responsible for that wandering away that can account for our being chaff as against wheat fit for the Lord’s harvest? Beloved, it is time to jettison the same, embrace the love of Christ and seek Him with our whole hearts. He is ready to receive and help us when we take the bold step to draw near unto Him. Please do it now.

Pray: Father, I want more of you! Occupy my whole heart and leave no room for the vagaries of life. Help me to love you more so that I may never wander away from your presence in Jesus name.

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May 30, 2021

I shall not wander away from my Maker in Jesus name Amen

Replying to

Amen and for all of us in Jesus name. It is a terrible thing not to be in the bosom of the Lord anymore. God will not let us stay away in Jesus name. Amen

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