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Dwell In Christ

Focus: 1 John 4:13 - KJV

13. Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.


Romans 8:1-11


There is a mystery about being a believer in Christ. The believer is to abide in Christ and have Christ’s word (which incidentally is Christ) abide in him. So, how does one enter into someone/something and have the same in him? The best illustration is about having a piece of foam in water. The foam gets soaked in that the water is in it while it is in the water. Hence, for as long as the foam is in the water, the water is in the foam. In the same manner, the believer is meant to be in Christ and have Christ in him also. It is a mystery that is easily explained. When we believe in Christ as Lord and Savior, we start to dwell in Him, and the life that we lead is by Christ Jesus as we have literarily given our lives to Him to live. When we are so in Him, by His words which we imbibe from time to time and operate by, He gives part of His Spirit to us to direct our ways. When this is fully formed, it becomes impossible to manifest the works of the flesh but the fruit of the Spirit, continually. And now, by their fruit, we know them in whom Christ dwells.


There are fruits and there are fruits; yet there is the fruit of the Spirit. It is possible to view some people performing miracles and signs and assume that they are acceptable. There was a witchdoctor called Simon in the days of the Apostles. He observed greater power in Philip and the apostles and therefore submitted unto believing Christ and so was baptized. No sooner was that done, he saw that people received the Spirit by the laying of hands of the apostles and asked to give money to receive the same power. It became clear that his carnal mind had not left him despite being born again. He did not allow Christ to be formed in him as he manifested fleshly matters. The same is true of many today: they tend to lump the spiritual with the carnal and thereby confuse many with their deeds. It is only those who manifest the fruit of the Spirit that are carriers of Christ. The Spirit is about love and never out to destroy like we are made to believe, particularly in the case of Ananias and Sapphira. Though they lied to the Holy Spirit, it was Peter who wrongly invoked the Consuming Fire to consume them. When Christ was better formed in him, Peter left Simon the sorcerer to his folly rather than have him destroyed. Hence, let us be clear, they that have Christ in them never destroy. It is the devil that does so.


May the Lord release His Spirit upon every one of us that we may begin to manifest truly, the fruit of love in all ramification of life, in Jesus’ name. May everything working in us which is inimical to love be displaced by the Holy Spirit from today, in Jesus’ name. May the Lord help each of us to grow up to the fulness of the stature of Christ even as we live our lives by Him from today, in Jesus’ name. May we all start to show forth the boldness to resist the urge to destroy but to love at all times to show forth the Spirit of Him who dwells in us always, in Jesus’ name. In all we do, may we never enter into error by refusing to hearken to the voice of Him that dwells in us and in whom we dwell, in Jesus’ name.


SOLUTION: Hearken to the voice of the Holy Spirit that dwells in you. Where you are being led to hurt or destroy, know that Christ is not yet formed in you. But when what you are directed to do ends in love, know it is the Holy Spirit that dwells in you. Please hearken to Him alone and you will show the evidence of being of Christ.



If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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