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Effective Prayer

Focus: James 5:13 - KJV

13. Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

James 5:13-18

We are commanded to pray without ceasing. But for prayers to be effectual, certain things are crucial. Elijah was a servant of the Most-High at such a time when there was a dearth of the word of God in Samaria. At a time, he felt he was the only righteous one left and therefore felt so afflicted. He made a pronouncement (akin to prayer) and by his words, there was famine in the land for more than three years. After he brought the whole nation to their knees before God, he decided to let it rain again on the land to put an end to the draught. He prayed until he saw the sign (evidence) of that which he intended. Elijah was able to achieve these fetes because he was on the side of God; he prayed fervently and would not cease until there was evidence of the answer; and he was passionate for the kingdom of God as against self-aggrandizement. Many today do not see result despite praying. Their prayers lack particular ingredients that make it produce evidence and result. When there is trouble for the Christian, his position should not be that of grumbling unto God like John the Baptist did to Christ. Rather, it should be to seek the mercy of God in the situation. And when there appears to be goodness in life, show gratitude to God by singing psalms and spiritual songs. Where you think your prayers are not assisting you in lifting the affliction, then invite the elders (meaning leaders of the Church) to anoint you in the place of prayer for optimal result. You did that and nothing happened? God cannot lie! Perhaps those you call elders are merely children in the faith who lack understanding.

Beloved, whatever God says He will do, nothing can restrict Him from doing it except failure to follow His precepts. There is no way we can continue in sin and expect to pray or issue decrees and have them established. God does not lie. If you are fervent in prayers concerning an issue and there is no shifting of grounds, then something may actually be wrong with you or your approach and definitely, not with God. Check yourself.

SOLUTION: Be a person of clean hands and pure heart. It is only then you can ascend the hill of light where prayers are heard and answered. Persevere when hardship comes but don’t be silent in putting your position forward. When it appears daunting, seek help. One, the Bible says, would chase a thousand and two would put ten thousand to flight. When help comes, propensity and effect become advanced.

Father, thank you for always hearing us in the place of prayer. Please by your mercy, let our prayers always find favor in your sight in Jesus’ name. Today, we join our forces together to pray for all those who are afflicted at this time, please set them free in the name of Jesus Christ. Let every chain of bondage be removed today in Jesus’ name. And, by and large, let the psalms and spiritual songs from our lips bring to you sweet smelling savor at all times in the name of Jesus. Thank you, father.

Please share to others. God bless you as you do.

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