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Endure trials

Key verse: James 1:12

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

Hebrews 5:5-10

There is a separating line of difference between temptations and trial, albeit both tend to lead to the same result – the denial of God. While temptation is putting a stumbling block before someone to make him lust and fall, trial is buffeting someone with mishaps and misfortunes that will make him query the existence of God. Some assume God tempts them with some circumstances but, like scriptures say, God is not a tempter and does not tempt anyone with evil. However, like in the circumstance of Job, the Lord may concede to the trial of His beloved just to make him show forth that his love for God is unflinching. Nonetheless, God does not allow His beloved to be tried or tempted beyond his capabilities for trial is like a school examination. It is not just to set a college exam for a high school student. For instance, in order not to be tempted beyond, a new convert in Christ will only be allowed to go through temptation of a milk sucker. When it appears to be too stiff a thing to bear, God sends His angel(s) to the rescue.

We are to endure temptations (more appropriately, trials) to show forth that God is and in the process, shame the devil. For everyone that thus endure, there is joy in the end for there is a crown of life awaiting him. Joseph endured and laughed last. Job also. Christ our example was tempted after He fasted for forty days and nights. What the enemy sought of Him was obedience and therefore servitude. But Christ triumphed. When it was time to face the final trial, the burden of being separated from the Father appeared too daunting to bear. Hence, Christ sought to dodge the same, but because of His love for the Father and obedience to Him, He would rather the will of the Father be done. Of course, the Father sent angels to comfort Him.

Beloved, no matter how tedious the trial or temptation you are facing now, if only you will endure and not deny God, it shall come to pass and end in praise. Learn from Christ our example. Once He endured, He got a name above every other name. God wants to promote you. For success in examination leads to promotion. Keep on keeping on; the Lord will give His angels charge for your sake to comfort you where it appears rather arsh.

Pray: Father, do please help me to overcome my temptations and give me succor in my trials as you help me to stand to the end in Jesus name.

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