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Eternal Rewards

Key verse: Matthew 16:27

For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

Read: Luke 19:12-27

Our God is not a wicked employer. As far as He is concerned, a laborer is entitled to his hire. Everyone that enrolls himself in the Kingdom of God is a laborer hired by God to trade in His Vineyard for profiting. What that translates to is that, the talents which the Lord has given to each of us, He expects us to utilize it maximally so that it may yield greater fruits for the Kingdom. While some are busy laboring for the Kingdom, others are concerned with the affairs of the world and in pursuit of things that do not glorify; yet there are others who are not even keen about the Kingdom at all. It cannot be right that all three categories in the end will be given equal treatment and allowed to dwell in heaven with the Father of Light. Where then will be the righteousness of God? Everyone shall be rewarded according to his works. Shall we all be pastors? Not really; but we can all be righteous in our different endeavors so that the investment of God in us shows forth as light for all observers to see and emulate to the extent of wanting to serve our God.

Corruption is the bane of man. In the days of Daniel, he was observed to be distinct and special among men so that when tribulation came his way, he triumphed and all conceded to serve his God. How is your life portraying Christ to people: is it drawing them nearer to Him or sending them far away? The reward is imminent. Everyone shall be rewarded according to how his work contribution shall be not based on some ill-logic on the false premise that because of love God will treat everyone equally. Where will the fairness be if at judgment you stand side by side with Paul who within a short spate of time covered an entire spectrum for Christ and wrote letters that still resonates till today and get the same treatment for just occupying space for nothing since the day you said you are for Christ? Let’s not just deceive ourselves: everyone that makes profit for the Kingdom shall add more profit in reward unto themselves on that day, those who fail to do will have themselves to blame. Those who refuse to come under the Lord’s government shall be the greatest losers as they will be cast into hell. Please escape today. Work earnestly for the Kingdom.


Father, I want to serve you to the end; please help me to do much more than all those who came before me in Jesus name.

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