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Eternal Words

Key verse: Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

John 1:1-5

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Word of God and had been before the very beginning for He is God. He said by Himself that before Abraham was, “I am”. This is quite deep in meaning because, when the Lord formed Adam, Abraham was already in the bosom of Adam. Hence, it means, before Adam was formed, the Word has been. Now, by two immutable things by which it is impossible for God to lie, the Word can never deny Himself. When it is spoken, it lives. When God speaks, it is done whether it immediately manifests or not. The beauty of that is that anything God says to us today, had been with Him before the beginning and it will so be to the end. It follows that nothing can hinder the performance of what God says. The Word had been before the heaven and the earth. Therefore, even when the heaven and the earth be no more, the Word remains. Hence, whatever we receive of the Lord is eternally true and will find its performance whether anyone likes it or not.

When the Lord had need to pay tax as the son of man, without going to the river, He told Peter to go and fish and that the first fish he got was the conveyor of the golden coin for tax payment. And it was so. He spoke of how he would be betrayed and it was so. He spoke of how he would die and rise again on the third day and it was so. Basically, all that He said to the disciples at the time came to pass. The Lord spoke concerning us too: He said through the prophet Isaiah that it shall be well with us and so it shall be in Jesus name. He said some other things though which are yet to come to pass by our observation. Chief of those things is that He needed to go prepare a place for us in the Father’s House and return to take us there. It was proclaimed that the same way He was seen taken up, He would descend to the earth again and all eyes would see Him. This is yet to come to pass. And from experience, even though the world crumbles, His words will not go unfulfilled.

But Christ is not coming back to dine with sinners like He did at first. He is coming for the saints to dine with and settle them. Also, He would judge those considered wicked and damn them to eternal wrath. We still can dine with Him when He comes if we so desire. He has said it and it will surely come to pass. Make hay while the sun still shines.

Pray: Lord, please help me by locating me in your Word for the fulfilment of destiny in the name of Jesus Christ.

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