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Everlasting Strength

Focus: Isaiah 26:4 - KJV

4. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:

Isaiah 26:2-4

In a world full of crisis and cheating, there is need for strength to survive. Strength does not necessarily refer to physique but all-round capability to overcome and conquer opposition. For instance, in the days of Samson, it was not his physical strength that made him to prevail over a thousand-man army with just the jawbone of an ass. The physique of Goliath was great and that of David was inconceivable against him in battle. Yet, David triumphed over the giant and man of war. But there was a strength that propelled each of them and many others to victory when confronted with adversity. That strength is in Jehovah. It does not wane at any time or for any reason. It is everlasting. Those who put their trust in the Lord draw from this strength. That makes it possible for them to say the Lord is their strength and their salvation. When Israel as a nation trusted in the Lord, He became their strength and they did great exploits against their enemies. By the strength of the Lord, they overcame the mighty Egyptian army. They gained a land flowing with milk and honey which was even fortified against their penetration. Anyone who desires the Lord’s everlasting strength to continue to work for him must however trust in the Lord forever. This presupposes that if we shift focus from the Lord our strength, we may put ourselves at the mercy of the enemy like Israel did and ended up in Babylonian captivity.

Dear friend, no battle ought to make you have your head bowed. If God be for us, who can be against us? All you require to be victorious in your battles is to have the Lord as your battle Ally. It is unthinkable for any other being to override the strength of the Lord. But for you not to be devastated in battle, please trust the Lord ever more. It is only those who have confidence in Him that take the benefit of His everlasting strength.

SOLUTION: Affinity with God is based on faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please the Lord. We must know that He is and a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him if we must take benefit of His everlasting strength.

Lord God Jehovah, we reverence you. Our hope and love we magnify your name. Please be our support and defender forever in Jesus’ name. No matter the level of opposition from the enemy’s camp, please, by your strength, help to repel the enemy from us always in Jesus’ name. Do strengthen us also from the inner man that we may be able to stand in the face of adversity and not faint in Jesus’ name.


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