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Every Man Ought to Be Perfect

Focus: Colossians 1:28 - KJV

28. Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:

Genesis 17:1-2

Christ is the standard of judgment of man. He came as an example unto us that we may emulate His ways so that we may be pleasing unto God. Anything short of this is deception from the pit of hell aimed at making man stray from the truth and the blessings in God and godliness. Abram was a man who clearly heard God’s instruction and acted on it by departing from his normal abode in search of a distant land that the Lord promised to show him. But in the course of his adventure, the same God spoke to him in the form of a precautionary note that he should walk before God and be perfect. Since God is not known to waste words, it simply means at that point in the life of Abram, he was not walking in perfection. Furthermore, for man and particularly Abram, perfection is attainable. In the same manner, God has not lowered His standard for men after Abram. His expectation is that we be perfect. It therefore becomes baffling when man seeks a midpoint to settle for. Truth is, to obtain the promise of the covenant of God, man must fulfil his part by walking before God and being perfect. Our refusal to aim at attaining perfection is a signal to God that we are not keen on the covenant performance.

Dearly beloved, let no one deceive you: as God is no respecter of persons, the same way He spoke to Abram back then, He is speaking to you today. His simple request is that you walk before Him and be perfect. The essence of all the preaching and teachings in the Gospel of Christ that you have received is that you may become perfect in Him. A refusal to aim for perfection and indeed become perfect takes nothing away from God. Rather, it robs us of the benefit that the Lord has prepared for us which eyes have not seen nor ears heard nor come to the thought of any.

SOLUTION: If Christ could do it, then we can by the help of the same Spirit that helped Him. So, from now, through the Holy Spirit, endeavor to walk uprightly in Christ Jesus never to deviate from the path of life as you have been taught in the Gospel.

Almighty Father, we come before you today as we are. We confess that we are yet to attain the standard you have set for us. Please, by your power, do set our feet in the right course from now on in Jesus’ name. Maintain us in perfect walk with you like Christ our example in the name of Jesus. Whatsoever may deviate us from the path of perfection, please take away from our way in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord for loving us.

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