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Everything is in Christ

Focus: Colossians 1:17 - KJV

17. And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

Colossians 1:9-18

Who is this Christ? This is a pertinent question all believers should be able to answer to show that we have the correct appreciation of the person of God for, like Christ told the Samaritan woman by the well of Jacob, many do worship or serve whom they know not. The truth about Christ is that before the earth was formed, He exists. Indeed, He is the one who made all things that is or that ever was or would be. The reality is that everything that is, takes its being from Christ. It is by Him and in Him that all things consist. If we have this knowledge, then we will truly believe that without Him there is nothing we can achieve. Making effort outside Christ, often times, is counterproductive. Those who were opportune to be around Him while He lived on earth, did not quickly appreciate that and treated Him wrongly. Even those whom He sought to bless first treated Him shabbily. Or, how do we explain His visiting the home of Simon Peter, curing the mother-in-law of her fever because the fever had to obey Him like every other thing must, and the same Peter left Him in a crusade at his (Peter’s) house, only to go look for fish? How about those who thought they could just mob Him at will because He rebuked them of their evil deeds? The same situations are still playing out today because we refuse to know Him as He is.

Do you really assume your success will come from all the effort you put into work while you ignore the Author of your life who keeps seeking to give you better life and you keep ignoring Him? Or do you think your blaming Him for your woes and seeking to do away with Him in your life affairs will make things better for you? You need to think again beloved. It is this Christ that has all the answers to the matters of your life. If you allow Him have His way, your life will take a better turn.

SOLUTION: God seeks those who will serve Him in Spirit and in truth. You need however, to first appreciate His person. He is not evil and therefore does not afflict anyone with evil. Hence, feel bold to approach Him for your good needs.

The Lord will reveal His person to you that you may operate perfectly in Him to the glory of His name in Jesus’ name. You will never be like a lost sheep in the midst of great pasture that is made available by God in Jesus’ name. You shall succeed effortlessly in every human endeavor from now, in the name of Jesus Christ. Those things that had been difficult will become easy from now in Jesus’ name.

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