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Father of lights

Focus: James 1:17 - KJV

17. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1:13-18

God is light personified. In Him is no darkness at all. The light of His glory is so overwhelming that even in heaven there was a need for a Cherub that covereth, just so that creatures in heaven would not be blinded by His glory, the glory that radiates from the light of His countenance. It was the same glory that shone from the face of Moses like the sun that men could not look directly at the face of Moses after the encounter. Darkness is a representation of sin and evil existence. By the person of God, He has no darkness for us to behold. Hence, no issue of darkness emanates from Him as it is suggested by some who did not get to understand His being before committing Him into writing. Because He is Light, everything that comes from Him is good and depicts the light. It follows that, where a person delves into sin, he by himself counteracts the light by moving into darkness. And since darkness is the opposite of light, where the light gives life, darkness gives death. Therefore, while the good and perfect gifts come from the father of lights, evil and misgivings come from darkness. As God is Light, everyone that is born of Him receives part of His Spirit and therefore bears a part of His Light as little lights. This is why God, as Light is called the father of lights. Being the father of lights enable Him to distribute good and perfect gifts to the lights of His.

Beloved, if you are part of the lights of God in the world, we congratulate you for you are also a bearer of the light of God’s countenance and He takes care of you withersoever you are. He has no temptation in Him as temptation emanates from darkness to push or draw down a person from light to darkness. When tempted therefore, be cautious to deal with same as it does not come from God. Nevertheless, whatever gift that is good that you desire, can only be given unto you by your dear father whose light bears good and perfect gifts.

SOLUTION: Know for certain that God tempts no one with evil as there is no evil in Him. If you desire good however, you can get it from God if you will abstain from sin and embrace the light of God which is righteousness all through.

The Light of God will overshadow you to give you great blessings from now on in Jesus’ name. No power of darkness will be able to push you down through temptation in the name of Jesus Christ. From this day on, the power in the light of God will present unto you good and perfect gifts in the mighty name of Jesus. Carry the light of God; it enhances your goodness to perfection.

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