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Fear God Greatly

Focus: Psalms 89:7 - KJV

7. God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.

Isaiah 6:1-3

The reason many people treat God with some levity and refuse or forget to reverence Him is simply because they have not seen Him in His splendor nor conceptualized His being from the little description we have in scripture. Even if we have not seen Him, we have seen His creatures and there are many of those creatures that we fear and run from whenever they are present. Among men, there are people that are of no heavenly consequence that people do hold in awe and reverence even though they would not so reverence God. To take the benefit of God, we must greatly fear Him, not as in being so terrified of Him, but hold Him in high esteem like a dutiful child would do His father. At any rate, it is not out of order to be terrified of the great and mighty God for His stature and sagacity. The Psalmist says He sits on His throne in heaven and makes the earth His footstool. Who sees such a being and is not ordinarily shaken? Those that came before us saw His messengers and worshipped as they were scared to their teeth. They dared not venture to do anything until the messenger said fear not or do not worship me for I am a messenger like you. Many would want to call God their father but refuse to honor Him and give Him reverence. Hence, He quipped: if I be your father, where is my honor?

Isaiah was a great prophet in Israel spitting fire and thunder condemning the condemnable and speaking truth to power. But somehow, perhaps because He was not fully representing God in His assertions and “prophesies”, God caused Him to ascend the heights to His presence. Upon entering the throne room and seeing the majesty of the Most High, he became perplexed and knew he was himself filthy that was calling out others. Thank God for purging him and making him worthy. It is important that we learn from this experience of Isaiah and exercise restraint in the way we condemn others. All we are called to do is reconcile men to God and not demonize or condemn them. We are to reverence God in the lives of men and how we relate with them. Christ our example, who Himself is the righteous judge, would not so much as condemn the woman caught in adultery because He knew the hypocrisy of those who sought to judge her; and not one of them could cast a stone to judge her when their hypocrisy was exposed. If we do fear God and reverence Him, we would not desecrate the beings whom He commands us to love, neither would we want those whom Christ died for to end in hell thereby making Christ’s death of no effect on any such being.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we cancel and nullify every evil pronouncement hovering over the life of every user of this Guide in the name of Jesus. The grace to genuinely fear God and show it in the lives of the brethren that we relate with, may we all receive today in the name of Jesus. In any way that we still bear filth, may the one who purged Isaiah and made him worthy, purge each and every one of us in Jesus’ name. May the Lord open our eyes to see His being and splendor so as to make us really realize the personality of the one whom we relate with, in Jesus’ name. From this day, may we imbibe the Spirit to be humble and never usurp again the judgment seat of our God, in Jesus’ name.

SOLUTION: Disobedience to God is disrespect and dishonor to His person. Simon, feed my lamb, sheep and sheep is an instruction to every believer. It is great disservice for the one appointed to feed the lamb/sheep/sheep to be the one sending them to the slaughter. Fear God and obey His commands. It is only then that we honor and reverence Him.

If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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