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Flaming Fire!

Focus: Psalms 104:4 - KJV

4. Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire:

1 Kings 13:4-6

God is the best employer anyone can think of. When He employs a person to carry out an assignment, as the Consuming Fire, He equips the same against danger and the attack of the enemy. It is the mind of the enemy to mesmerize the ministers of God so that they may not achieve purpose for which they were sent forth. So, He makes His angels spirits. These also are messengers of God but unlike man, they are made capable of rapid presence and great power as spirits. In the same manner, the ministers who know their onions carry high level potential fire power. As a freshly anointed minister of God, Elisha had not come to the full knowledge of what he carried. He was abused by little children as a bald man. He was so crossed, having just lost his master, that he cursed the children. The power from the curse produced two bears that devoured a couple of the children at once. There was a man of God at the time of king Jeroboam who spoke against the altar in Bethel. When the king saw him, he was so angry that he stretched his hand that the man of God be apprehended. Without the man of God moving a nerve, the hand stretched out by the king withered at once so that the king needed to plead with the man of God to entreat God on his behalf.

If you will yield to God to become His minister, you too can start to exhibit fire power against the devices of the enemy. Enough of being booted around by the devil. What we need is the fire power of God which is primarily available to His ministers. Moreover, every minister is further entitled to the ministry of angels as they are commissioned to minister to God’s ministers. What a tremendous resource availability.

SOLUTION: Just submit yourself for the use of God knowing that God will not put a filthy vessel to use, and start to enjoy the provisions of God for His ministers. If, however you have joined the stream, please don’t look back as there is great danger in doing so.

The Lord will affirm you as one of His ministers and translate you into flame of fire from today in Jesus’ name. By reason of your translation, no devil will be able to kick you around like football ever again in Jesus’ name. The Lord Most-High will constantly rebuke the devil for your sake in this life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Ride on in your victory!

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