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Focus: John 12:26 - KJV

26. If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.

Colossians 2:6-10

It is an aberration to claim to serve Christ and yet be following another. Some, despite scriptural instructions, have been deceived by the lies of the devil through the superfluity of nothingness as to whether Christ be Son of God or mere prophet or messenger. Meanwhile, the scripture they have affirms that the Christ is the beloved of God who must be believed, obeyed and followed. Unfortunately, because of their bias, they refuse to obey the scripture in following Christ but will rather follow other not so important messengers whose messages equally direct to the Christ when fully screened and considered. Point is, there is no one who serves the Christ without a sure reward. One of such great rewards is the honor from the Father Himself. When God honors you, you will dumbfound the world. God honored David and he beheaded a champion that withstood an entire army for days. He honored Solomon and kings sought him for wisdom and brought presents to him from far and near. He honored Daniel and brought him out of the pathetic situation men put him without harm. God honored Mordechai and took him from being a gatekeeper into becoming the king’s lieutenant. Meanwhile, his enemy died in his stead. But to get honored by God, we need to believe and obey His Christ by serving Him. Serving Him is in following His footprints and obeying His commands without any deviation.

Dear friend, deception is in behaving like we are serving God when indeed we owe allegiance to someone else. Clearly, God is not mocked for anyone to assume He can be. When we serve Him, He sees and acknowledges us. Serving Him is giving Him honor. And as He owes no one, those who honor Him He honors also. The honor you seek of God awaits you and more if you will first honor Him by submitting yourself unto Christ to walk in His ways and do His bidding.

SOLUTION: We cannot do what we don’t know. Hence, we first must learn the ways of the Christ and then follow the same. His ways are in righteousness and His footprints in love. Therefore, follow peace with all men and holiness. Then will you start to look like the Christ in your being.

Our father and our God we want to serve you. Today, we seek to know your way more than ever before, please reveal your way to us in the name of Jesus Christ. Help us not only to know your way but to walk in it also without deviating ever, in the name of Jesus Christ. We crave your honor Lord: even as we honor you from now by walking in the way of Christ, do please honor us in return in Jesus’ name.

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