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Memorize: 2 Kings 6:16

And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.

Read: 2 Kings 6:11-17

The reason many who profess to be Christians often fear and get defeated in battles is because their spiritual eyes are dim such that they do not see the extent of the fortification they have from the heavenly hosts. It is customary for the enemy to seek to buffet you once you operate in the light of God and you are abiding in the truth of God. At times, they may appear to be gaining the upper hand but the truth of the matter is that in that your circumstance, God is there with you. Oh no! Wait for it. It is to make your testimony grand.

Many times, the enemy gets a false assurance that he has the upper hand and it appears to onlookers that you are sinking. Ask David. Saul had a thought that the throne of Israel had been reserved for David and he moved against David such that the man who was dining with the king became a fugitive and a cave dweller. Indeed, he became a mockery to the less discerning. The enemy wanted to destroy David by making Saul vulnerable for him to strike and kill. But truly, anyone who is on God’s side knows God to the extent that He doesn’t want you to avenge yourself. So, David escaped the trap. At last, God killed Saul in battle for David to ascend the throne in peace.

Fear not, beloved. If the king of Syria knew what he was up against when he sent men against Elisha, he would not have ventured. When in the days of Elijah fire came from above to roast the two battalions of fifty and their respective Captains, there were beings raining down the fire at Elijah’s word, though invincible. You are also not alone. As far as you are on the side of God and you are obedient to Him, no devil can by any means hurt you. Just be focused on God. As the Lord lives, that battle ends today for the Lord is giving you victory even now in Jesus name. He will not allow you to be messed up by the enemy. The word of God to you this day is to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. You are fortified!


Father, I thank you for the hosts you have released to guard me. Thank you for releasing for me a part of your innumerable company of angels. I submit the battles of my life to you, the Righteous Judge. Please grant me victory today in your own way in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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