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Gladness From God

Focus: Psalms 4:7 - KJV

7. Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased.

Psalm 4:1-8

People become happy when seeming good things happen to them. At times it is that they have sought marriage for a long time and they eventually get hooked; at other times it is that they are sick and are made whole; and at some other times it is that they escape a calamity or they win a huge financial benefit and so on. Such happiness is based on some happenstance and would fizzle away when the event is no longer in place. But, when God puts His joy and gladness in one, it does not really matter what is happening to the neighbor that makes him so happy, the one with the joy of God is often more over exacerbated such that those observing him begin to wonder what the source is.

Consider the life of a true child of God: no matter what the adversary may be gaining as wealth, he is not affected by it as he is strengthened through the gladness he gets from the Lord. Joseph had his coat of many colors taken off him; his siblings sold him into slavery; he went into slavery without a negative countenance because God’s gladness was written all over him and perhaps endeared him to Potiphar in the slave market. As slave in the master’s house, he remained glad even when he was far away from the clime he was used to. Glad in that if he was not, Potiphar was not likely to have favored a melancholic that much. When he got to prison, he did not lose his gladness. Imagine Joseph being cast into prison on trump-up charges and he still became the controller thereof because the head loved his countenance. The siblings that sold him would have assumed their corn and wine had increased since Joseph was taken out. Despite all that God added joy and special gladness to Joseph.

Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, dearly beloved. Nothing under the sun is big enough to steal your joy, once you are in the Lord. Those who belong to Him have this inner well or reservoir of joy that makes them extraordinary in the face of adversity. What is it the enemy is dangling in your face that makes it seem others are doing better? ‘Let not your heart be troubled’, is the Lord’s counsel to you today. Imbibe the gladness the Lord is bringing your way today and all their happenings will be meaningless to you. The power of God will surely see you through from today.

SOLUTION: Please be deliberate in ensuring nothing happening around you dampens your morale. Do all things with gladness, glorifying God for all He is doing in your life. In fact, block your mind to the seeming celebration of your detractors and focus on the one whom you believe.

Pray in this manner, please: Almighty and everlasting Lord, you are the giver of all good and perfect gifts. I am not waiting until there are happenings before giving you praise. Do accept my praises and thanksgiving in Jesus’ name. Please let my heart be forever filled with your gladness so that my mind is blocked from all the happenings around me that may want to bring me sorrow in Jesus’ name.

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