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Glory Not

Focus: Galatians 6:14 - KJV

14. But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.

Luke 12:16-21

Without God, we can achieve little. The man created of God was endowed with so much life that he was given the charge of a large garden expanse and he cultivated it then with ease, no sweat, no toiling. But sin came and that man as well as his offspring lost life and capacity. From then, if any man achieved anything, it was by the direct assistance of God, even though unseen. Those who fail to achieve much dwell in the state of the first man at the fall and lack help from the supernatural. Knowing therefore that achievements are aided by the supernatural, it becomes foolhardy for any achiever to assume it is by his strength or something that he has achieved much. That is why it can be annoying when any man glories in anything as if he is much more than every other man. No wonder, Jesus Christ gave a parable about the wealthy fool. Gathering so much harvest into barns and glorying in it without a thought for the one who made the accomplishment possible, caused him his life. In the end, it became clear to onlookers that he had nothing after all, as he brought nothing into the world and could therefore not take anything out. There was a Herod who was praised by men as an orator. In his case, the flatterers ascribed to him the position of God and he very well bragged about it. He ended up being eaten by worms while he was yet alive. The consequence of glorying in one’s self or “achievements” can be really grievous. We are only permitted to glory in the Lord our God.

You may be experiencing a downturn because you have been ascribing glory to yourself over some achievements and another. It is that God loves you that He has not left you to the devil. All He has done is to withdraw His hand from your doings that you may realize that you can do nothing without Him. Peter toiled all night while the Lord was not present. But when He came, Peter caught a draught. If you will glorify Him and not yourself, He will tell you where and when to cast your net next, and it will dumbfound you like it did Peter.

SOLUTION: Keep focus on your Enabler to give Him glory consistently and never wrest it from Him. Learn never to glorify yourself no matter the height of achievement. It is God all the way.

Standing on the potency of the word of God I declare concerning you: from today, you will never offend God again by sharing His glory in the name of Jesus; whatever you had done in the past that has brought a lull in your affairs is corrected today by reason of the blood that was shed for you in Jesus’ name; you will continually see the hands of God in all your endeavors to succeed in them in Jesus’ name. You are blessed.

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