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God is Beckoning, Hearken

Focus: James 4:8 - KJV

8. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

Hebrews 7:18-19

Many people speak of God, Christ and Heaven but they deny the power in the God head. They are not sure where to put their allegiance and therefore, although they speak God with their mouths, their hearts are away from such confession having been seared with hot rods into believing wrong things. When they take up the Gospel, rather than believe and obey the stipulates, they wander around going in a rigmarole. Their minds are not fixed on God but on those things which God has condemned. For instance, how do we claim to know God and still be partaking in animal sacrifice when we are told that the sacrifice of Christ is sufficient for all? How come we are told to turn the other cheek when slapped and we still practice retaliation? Why are we so bent on divorce or separation when we know God hates divorce? Or, put in a better way: why are we unable to submit unto one another in marriage with the man loving his wife and the wife submitting unto him? All these suggest that we know not God fully and therefore drift us far away from Him. This He sees and knows. Rather than allow us continue to stray and end up in the pit, He beckons on us to come closer to Him by purifying our hearts of the wrong tenets we carry in it, washing our hands off the things we had used them for thereby, and be focused on the true God and His Way without wavering.

Beloved, the teachings in the Old Testament of the Bible are good for as much as they point to love for God is Love. Everything in it that departs from love are the incursion of the enemy based on the biases of those who made those records at the time. If the Old was perfect there would have been no need for the new. Please stop finding justification for wrong deeds in the Old Testament particularly in cases where the Lord Jesus Christ had put the records straight. Today, when Satan wants to disrupt the thoughts of men concerning marriage, he speaks through some depraved minds to make examples of the number of wives people in the Old Testament had. Meanwhile Christ says it was not so in the beginning. Why won’t we strive to achieve the purpose for which we were created but rather seek to disrupt it further? God is beckoning. Heed His call. For as you move near to Him, He moves nearer to you Himself. That is a great privilege for the Almighty Himself to come to you with His great stride. Move towards Him today.

SOLUTION: Fix your mind on Christ for He is the way to salvation. Block other thoughts and incursions that do not conform with Christ from your mind. Do only the things Christ approve. Be focused on your ultimate salvation.

Father, this day we seek to know you more. The nearer we are to you, the more we know you. We therefore make effort today to move closer to you. Please draw near unto us by your Spirit in Jesus’ name. We want to be and remain your sons in the order of Christ. Let your Spirit lead us forever more that we may remain so in Jesus’ name. Do keep us away from error and the lies of the devil in the name of Jesus. Please purge our minds and clean our hands with the blood that was shed for us in Jesus’ name.

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