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God Is No Respecter Of Persons

Focus: Romans 2:11 - KJV

11. For there is no respect of persons with God.


Acts 10:34-43


Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change. In the mind of some people, God has favorites and they are the only people He relates with. They believe if any other person outside that group exists at all, they do outside the purview of God. That does not depict the person of our God. For instance, in the minds of some people, except you were related to Israel, God had no business with you because He is called the God of Israel. But, wait a minute: Laban was not Israeli and God spoke to him directly to spare Jacob; also, Abimelech was not related to Abraham when God spoke to him to let go of Abraham, the prophet’s wife, whom he harbored in his palace. Or was Balaam a Jew that he communed continually with God? Neither were the wise men that visited infant Jesus got directed by the angel despite not being Jewish. The problem is, these people love to conscript God into their myopic understanding and compel everyone to hold on to their fallacious thoughts and proclamations whereas they know not God. Our God accepts from every nation all those who fear Him and work righteousness and love.


Cornelius was a gentile but one that feared God and worked righteousness and love, giving alms to the needy and making himself godly. God Himself, decided he must be saved. Here was Peter assuming in himself that God had no business relating with the gentiles. Meanwhile, even before salvation was ministered to Cornelius and his household, God spoke to Cornelius and gave him directions. There are some of us who look down on people and assume we have the monopoly of access to God. How so wrong! The Lord is sending this message our ways today to give us a better insight into His personality. He is the God of all nations. If a nation goes into idolatry, it only brings about a clear separation from God and not that the nation is not God’s. Even Israel had its periods of separation from God when they went in the wrong direction. All that the Lord seeks is that we fear Him and work righteousness. Hence, if you will just do that, no matter your background or nation you belong to, God will seek you out for salvation, like He did Cornelius. Will you grab the opportunity today?


Father, please look down from your heaven and save every soul that fears you today, in the name of Jesus. And for all of us, the users of this Guide, please do not be far from us; help us by the beauty of your countenance to continue to enjoy the beauty of holiness in Jesus’ name. Do not let us ever be deceived into believing you ever condemn those you seek to save, O Lord, in Jesus’ name. Those that you will have us minister to, please help us to locate and minister to them in your name, in Jesus’ name. Put to an end the lies of the devil suggesting to people that they cannot receive from God because of their backgrounds, in Jesus’ name.


SOLUTION: Never allow the enemy deceive you: every living person is a potential for salvation. All required is for them to hear the truth of the Gospel and they will be set free. Never deprive anyone access unto the good God: it is a privilege for you to have met Him also.



If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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