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God Is The Ruler Of Destinies

Focus: Job 23:13-14 - KJV

13. But he is in one mind, and who can turn him? and what his soul desireth, even that he doeth. 14. For he performeth the thing that is appointed for me: and many such things are with him.

Psalms 115:1-3

There is nothing that happens in the life of anyone that is not known unto God. For some, their romance with darkness has caused the Light of God to depart from them and they are mesmerized by darkness; for some others, the enemy has obtained permission to sift them that they may deny God; and for some others, their circumstance was made so, that God may be glorified. God does as He pleases. The man born blind that encountered Jesus, had no reason to be in darkness at birth, but his circumstance was to bring glory to God at some point in his life. Poor Gehazi brought darkness upon himself by deciding for Mammon instead of the living God. But Job was overwhelmed with darkness because the enemy wanted him to fall through trials and temptations. God knew about them all. He can however, refuse the enemy from messing anyone up if He so decides. For instance, He stopped the enemy from tampering with Job’s life just like He prayed for the preservation of Peter from the hands of the sifter. He rescued not Judas Iscariot or Gehazi because their hearts were full of love for Mammon. It is clear therefore, that where God finds love for Himself, He sets a bar against darkness for His beloved; but where a man makes his preference for darkness other than light, God may not force anything, even though, He has the capacity to show mercy at any time, like He did the thief on the right-hand side of Christ’s cross at His crucifixion.

Beloved, your destiny is directly in the hands of God. If the enemy appears to be sifting you at this time, you can overcome by looking to God for His intervention. When He intervened for Job, he was doubly restored. If, however you have been in unholy alliance with darkness, you may be courting trouble by yourself. Please retrace your steps and embrace Christ. Oh! You can’t explain that which you are experiencing? Then pray that God will use your circumstance for His glory positively. Positively because, like the life of Pharaoh who stood against God in the time of Moses, God can be glorified in someone’s life in another way.

SOLUTION: Put your life in God’s hands and keep it there perpetually. He is compassionate. Even if your life was programmed for His special glory, you can ask Him to show forth now so that you don’t linger under oppressive darkness. Be positive about the lordship of God over your life always.

Dear Lord, thank you for being the determiner of our destinies; and thank you for being good to us all in this life. We pray today, please do not let darkness reprogram our lives like it did for Job in Jesus’ name. For everyone who have been oppressed by darkness, please let your light shine in their lives now, in Jesus’ name. Please let our lives radiate your glory positively without any of us lingering or being under the yoke of darkness in Jesus’ name.

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