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God of All Flesh

Key verse: Jeremiah 32:27

Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Numbers 20:7-11

The manufacturer of an equipment knows the equipment better than the user and can assist the user to maximize the benefit of the equipment through the instruction manual. As God is the manufacturer of everything there is, it is within His capacity to do what He desires regarding any of His creatures without Him failing in what He intends to do. It is therefore the lack of knowledge of what God is capable of doing that makes men ascribe to Him impossibilities. For instance, when we assume an ailment would kill an individual, we have taken God’s capabilities for granted. Whatever we consider too difficult to achieve is calling the prowess of God to question. Imagine God raising a dead whose body was already decomposing? That happened in Lazarus. If He did that, then where is the difficult situation that He cannot deal with? He is the God of all flesh.

God took Israel out of Egypt and none was feeble or needed a change of raiment or sandals for about forty years. They had no kitchen or farmland to harvest so as to feed on throughout the period. When the wilderness became too scorchy and thirst was putting them in crisis, God gave them water from the rock. Imagine that for a moment. There was nothing on the rock to give an incline that water could come out of it when they got there. Yet, the flow that came out quenched their thirst and that of their animals. Awesome God. This is to assure every user of this Guide that nothing is difficult for God. But why are people going through hell on earth without deliverance from God? Answer simply will be that since God does not change, we need to check ourselves: are we operating in the position the Lord has kept us? Aren’t we so distant from Him because of our sins and waywardness? Do we trust Him really enough to depend on Him in our affairs?

Anyone who will genuinely return to the Lord to do His will gets to enjoy the benefit of God. Sometime in 1996, a doctor friend diagnosed a young believer of appendicitis. He recommended immediate surgery otherwise it would be life threatening in two weeks. It is 2021 and no surgery had been carried out on the fellow. Are you still believing something is difficult for God to do? Why not trust and rely on the God of all flesh today for divine intervention? You will never regret it.

Pray: Touch me today and meet me at the point of my need dear Father that I may enjoy your power in the name of Jesus Christ.

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