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God of Restoration

Key verse: Jeremiah 30:19

And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small.

Jeremiah 30:18-20

The Lord Jesus Christ gave a parable to us of the life of the prodigal son. He was one who belonged to a very wealthy father. As against his sibling, he appeared a bit reckless and would rather take from the father what he assumed was his lot. What the quantum of his lot was in the father’s estate was not his to determine. The father, who would rather allow a wayward and recalcitrant child to learn from experience, allowed him a part of his estate. No sooner had he taken what he felt was all his in life that he began a riotous living and squandered all he got. Not long after, he became a destitute and needed to return home. The father, who had better experience and knew better was willing to receive him back with open arms and put him back in his position as if nothing happened.

That parable speaks loudly of us as God’s children and how so reckless some of us have been in squandering all the well-being the Lord bestowed on us, believing we had it all. Our riotous living has brought us somewhat to our knees seeking a turn around. If only like the prodigal son character in the parable, we will realize our follies and return in humility to the Lord our God, He is forever willing to receive us back and restore us to part of His fortunes. Never assume you no longer have a place with the Lord. If we will have a rethink and return to Him, there is always enough resources with him to bring us back to stead. Consider Israel! Every time they misbehaved before God, He allowed a nation close by to discomfit them so that they may have a rethink and return to their God who willingly received and restored them.

Perhaps that situation you are experiencing is God’s way of staving off your affairs until you come to yourself. He wants you and I to always know that we have a place still with Him if we will have a rethink and humbly return to Him. He will never leave nor forsake us. Why not make the move today? Don’t wait until all gets to a head. Tomorrow may be too late. He is watching you with His arms spread wide to embrace and restore you.

Pray: Father, in any way I have strayed away into riotous living, I realize myself today. Please receive me back unto yourself and restore me fully in Jesus name.

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