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God ordered steps

Key verse: Psalms 37:23

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

1 Kings 17:1-10

Someone once called the Lord Jesus Christ a good man and He said there is none that is good except the Lord. Goodness in absolute term is of the Lord’s. Nonetheless, by the combination of His words in scripture, goodness is imputed to anyone who lives his life in accordance with the commands of God. He is good because he operates in the commands of God and therefore, it is God ordering his steps that make him good. Elijah was a man like you and I. He confronted the king of his land with boldness in the name of the Lord. And to forestall the decree he made from having any direct effect on himself, as it was meant to cause a draught, he was commanded of the Lord to proceed to a brook-side and he did. When the brook was drying up, he was again commanded and he immediately obeyed. Doing this made the Lord to be delighted in his way.

Many people want also to be called good today, yet they are never responsive to the command of the Lord. When told by the Lord to proceed in a particular way, they had cause to argue or weigh first the command as if they know better than their Commander. When they go on their frolic and meet with consequences, they still want to lay the blame at the Lord’s doorstep. Have you heard someone say before “where was God when…”? They will not account for their deafness to the command of God but quick to quip on their waterloos when God is not delighted in their ways. One wonders how many instructors will want to continue to instruct a stiff-necked and recalcitrant person. Isn’t it written that can we continue in sin and ask grace to abound? God forbid. So, God will not continue to order the steps of a person who is hard in obedience. That is why such a person is not reckoned as a good one. He is constantly falling into pits and making enemies for himself.

Beloved, we also can start to hear from God and have Him delighted in our ways if we will resolve to hearken diligently to His voice to do His commands henceforth. When He delights in our ways, He is eager to instruct us in all our ways that we may continue to be His delight. Even then are we transformed to becoming carriers of miracles. It was because Elijah heard God and believed Him about the widow woman that he issued a decree about the meal and it came so to pass. Become good today and be greater.

Pray: Father, I want to be obedient to you for the rest of my life. Please make me your delight as you be my Guide from now better than ever in Jesus name.

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