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God Our Deliverer

Focus: Psalms 97:10 - KJV

10. Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

Acts 12:1-12

Of a truth it is the days of tribulation. The church is persecuted ceaselessly: mention of Christ in educational curricular hurts the authority; mayhem is taken to predominant Christian schools; Christians are targeted in attacks and kidnappings; worship centers are targeted for hate invasions and killings etc. But as it appears to be weakening the Church, the Lord is sending a message in the midst of it. He wants those that are genuinely in love with Him to fear not the things they see and observe in society. He asks that they should continue in their love for righteousness and eschew evil completely. This He does in reassuring us of preservation. He is wont to deliver us constantly from the hands of the wicked. In the days of the early tribulation of the church, when the wicked started to kill and molest the believers, the Lord showed up for them that love Him. Peter is our example. He was arrested and kept in maximum security. He did not panic despite his knowledge of what the wicked did to James the brother of John. But the Lord sent His angel to rescue/deliver him from his chains and the prison where he was kept. However, we must note that the Church was led to pray when after James, the wicked picked Peter. So, it was the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous that availed and Peter was delivered at the time. The church today should not be discouraged because of the happenings all over the world. Rather, we should come together without friction or division and seek the face of God in one accord for greater effect in prayers.

What is your status today? Are you also discouraged because of the tribulation and persecution the church is confronted with? Yours is to keep faith and hope alive. Just have faith in God. He has promised to deliver us and that surely, He will do. Hence, please organize the people to call on God for His intervention, preservation and deliverance. And surely, He will deliver you.

SOLUTION: Do not despair. The enemy may have the upper hand now. It wont last for long. But we have to pray. We need to gather other faithful to agree with us in prayers. By and large, keep focus on the crown as you await God’s deliverance.

Father, our hearts cry unto you in this dark situation: please arise for our deliverance O Lord, in Jesus’ name. Please keep the wicked away from us and do not allow their skepter come upon any of us in Jesus’ name. Do keep us safe in your name which is our strong tower till you come for us in glory in Jesus’ name.

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