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God Our Refuge

Focus: Psalms 32:7 - KJV

7. Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.

1 Samuel 19:1-24

When God is in a man’s matter, no matter what the enemy tries, God gives the man a cover and delivers him by all means. The story of David is a good example. It is said that character defects are not necessary for an enemy to detest you. David had saved Saul from the sword of Goliath. Rather than get loved for it, he sought to kill David, threw javelin at him and even assigned the prince, Jonathan and other soldiers to get David. Yet, David continued in loyalty to serve the evil king. He went to fight more Philistines to save the kingdom for this fellow. Rather than being placated, he was more determined to kill his rescuer. As the king’s madness came upon him, David played music to help him overcome the symptoms, only to get javelined again. On the other hand, God was at work for David. For as much as the king wanted him dead, the prince loved him so much and would not allow evil to befall him. Also was the princess, Michal, who at the time was David’s wife. When she learnt of the plan of the king to kill David while sleeping, she arranged David’s escape and deceived her own father for it. How about the prophet in the land? When the ‘palace rats’ told the king where David had escaped to, the king sent in search of him at the prophet’s enclave. The three battalions he sent separately got to the prophet’s place and were arrested by the Holy Spirit such that they prophesied. Most important of all, even the king took himself there and surprisingly, the same Spirit came upon the mad man for him to also prophesy instead of going on to harass the apple of God’s eye. God used not only the members of the household of David’s enemy to deliver David but also used the spiritual authority in the land and Himself to ensure refuge. Isn’t it lovely to serve this God?

It does not matter the height at which your opposition is operating from, for as long as you have the Lord as your refuge, the enemy cannot get you. They may have enrolled the entire army of the wicked, members of their household and whoever, just know that greater is He that is in you than him that is in the world. No strand of hair can fall off your head without the permission of God. He has sworn never to leave nor forsake you therefore you need not fear him that can only kill the body but has no power over the soul. Rest assured, your deliverance is sure.

SOLUTION: The battle is the Lord’s. Just ensure that you are on the side of the Lord by doing His will and leave the rest unto Him. Your adversary is in trouble.

Father, we release every adversary of our well-being unto you today, please do to them as you did to Saul against David in Jesus’ name. No matter how much they try, please keep us safe and unscathed from all their evil thrusts in the name of Jesus. You that gave David victory at last over Saul without him having to fight Saul directly, please give us victory in our own matters too without delay in Jesus’ name.


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