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God’s Ways Are Deep

Focus: Romans 11:33 - KJV

33. O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!

Isaiah 55:8-9

The Lord God is Almighty. There is nothing that is or have been that are not traceable to Him. Those things that He wills, He reveals to man. The revealed things are for man while the secret things yet remain with and belong to God. That is why God revealed to Moses those things that were necessary for his understanding and use at the time of his call. But as the end approaches, knowledge is made to increase. Mankind is granted insight into secrets at least to let man know better than he was at outset. Today, He has called many after Moses and has given to them knowledge of things which Moses did not know and even greater insight than he was afforded at the time. Indeed, the word of God enjoins those who lack wisdom to ask for that God may give it to them liberally. The wisdom, knowledge and judgment of God are unsearchable. Yet, God is predictable. He cannot be found in filth. What operates today is that man, when given a glimpse into parts of the secret things, assumes to know it all. Not so! God’s thoughts are ordinarily not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways. In fact, there is immeasurable distance between the two in difference. It is therefore important that we stand on the side of caution when representing God based on the knowledge we have of and from Him so as not to end up misrepresenting Him.

To be a vessel for God’s use is quite glorious. We must however be careful not to misrepresent God by any means at all as doing so puts out a lie to the people. When we put out a lie, we become agents of the liar rather than being agents of God. It is good to always revert to God for wisdom concerning those things that are not revealed to us rather than attempt to explain them based on our biases. It may become a terrible misrepresentation that misleads others.

SOLUTION: Always take counsel from the Lord in every issue where there is no direct scriptural expression particularly in the Gospel. Never assume anything when it comes to interpreting God.

Father, thank you for the knowledge we have of you thus far. Like you know, the more we know you, the more we want to know you. Please, give us greater wisdom to peep into the secret things by your Spirit so as to give greater insight about your thoughts unto man for the sake of your Kingdom, in Jesus’ name.

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Franklin Aneke-Agu
Franklin Aneke-Agu
Oct 11, 2022


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