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God sees even your thought

Text: Job 42:2

I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee.

Bible Reading:

Psalms 139:1-12


There is no gainsaying that our God is the Almighty. Nothing compares to Him: His prowess, might and authority are daunting. He has no classmate. However, those who do not know Him much as to understand His horrendous capabilities tend to undermine Him in their deeds. This is the Being who by His capacity disclosed to His servant the dream a king had and forgot. He made it vivid. He revealed the thoughts and war plans of a king in a far country to his servant the prophet. He took a running prophet in a fish-submarine to the destination that the prophet dreaded just for to deliver the message of God. When the first Adam ate the forbidden fruit, He thought he could hide from Him. But just at the sound of His voice the fugitive showed forth. No one ever said the thoughts of the heart of Cain that He saw that made Him reject Cain’s person and offering. What is it you are doing that you think God does not know? Even at the point you conceptualized it He knew already. Don’t forget He is able to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart. If so, then He knows your thought. But why? Why assume you can hide from Him that evil? Stop right where you are at this point and quickly return to Him. If all you have done is to process a thought about it, turn around now. If you are about the implementation please turn around don’t do it! If you have started hatching the plan, halt it right there and return. God is beckoning on you to return to Him now. Your action, if you carry it through is tantamount to building a beautiful edifice and intentionally pressing a button to demolish same. It can only lead to eternal regret. Please don’t do it.

Prayer Guide:

Lord help me to be able to turn around from my evil thoughts and actions. Indeed create a separation between me and the spirit responsible for my evil thoughts from today like you separated land from water in the beginning, in Jesus name.

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