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God will keep you from evil

Key Verse: John 17:15 - KJV

15. I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

Luke 22:31-32

Believers are prime target of the evil kingdom. They have been drawn out of the darkness of the world. They have been made citizens of the kingdom of light. This hurt and infuriates darkness. But because they are protected from the powers of evil, there is not much darkness is able to achieve against them directly. Hence, it hauls all manner of darts at them disguised as pleasure to lure them out of the light. Jesus understands this well, and therefore prayed for the believer that the Father may keep them in the world but out of evil. Without the believer remaining in the world, there will be no agent of the kingdom of light to dispel further the activities of darkness. It is therefore not out of place for the believer to live in the world as his life is meant to serve a crucial purpose. However, no matter the evil that rears its head in the world, against the believer, it is a non-starter.

The Lord had invested so much in Peter and the other apostles/disciples. The zeal in Peter had shown him off as the one who should bear the torch at the departure of the Christ. The same zeal exposed him to the kingdom of darkness as one who must urgently be pulled down. Like he did to Job, Satan had sought to try Peter and condemn him to nothingness. Christ saw this and prayed that Peter be kept. The trials did come, but Peter prevailed because Christ had intervened on his behalf. We also are in ordinary parlance, vulnerable in the world today. The prince thereat is evil and does not like our being. But Christ saw and knew this long before now. That we may succeed in the world even though we are not of the world, He prayed ahead of us like He prayed for Peter. As His prayer sustained and kept Peter in the faith, the same is possible for us if we hold sway.

One thing is critical and sure: Christ cannot pray amiss. He tried to pray Himself out of the will of the Father once, but was quick to return to the path of honor. Whatsoever He asks the Father, He gets. He has prayed for us, even now, He is in position to see His prayers performed. Fear no evil, for the Lord is with you. The world ordinarily is evil. But you are protected. In all we do, let us ensure that we stay within the confines laid down by Christ so that His prayers can continue to work for us. Shine on in the light of Christ.

Pray: Father, please keep me in your light to shine that no evil may ever prevail over me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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Stanek E
Stanek E
23 de set. de 2021

Great piece.

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