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Have Faith In The Power Of God

Focus: 1 Corinthians 2:5 - KJV

5. That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

There is a rat race in some clime today for wealth borne out of the poverty unleashed on the populace by the rulers. By reason of this, people do all manner of things with a view to getting wealth including human sacrifice and all manner of hellish things. They came up with such device by the wisdom of men. If indeed there was any wisdom in this device(s), why are the purveyors not named among the richest in the world or don’t they want to be rich also? All power in heaven and earth belong to God. Any other power is a counterfeit one. Again, some, through enticing words lure people to part with their belongings for nothing. Such people, believing the words were from men of God, go ahead to part with their possessions. At the end they become the losers for it. The kingdom of God is not in words but power. The wisdom of men will fail but the power of God can never fail. God is a Spirit and He is available to all those who will call on Him in righteousness. When we keep taking directions from the enemy unknowingly by following the sleight of men, we only end up moving farther from God and falling into the trap of the enemy. Saul had the greatest armor in Israel but could not confront Goliath with it. Yet he offered the same to poor David to use. Thank God David relied on the power of God; the story would have been something else currently if he didn’t.

The solution to that situation confronting you is not in the wisdom of any man but in the power of God. It may please God to appoint unto you a destiny helper to help pull you through. But your reliance should be placed on God. You will overcome only by the power of God.

SOLUTION: Test every spirit and hold on to that which is true. Never lean on any man except it is by the leading of the Holy Spirit. You decipher which one is, when it dovetails into love. Anything devoid of that, is not of God.

Father, by your power, disgrace the multitude of ungodly counsel in the lives of your children today in the name of Jesus. Help us not to fall for the sleight of men in Jesus’ name. Keep us faithful in you to the end in the name of Jesus Christ.

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