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He Has Done Great Things

Focus: Psalms 126:3 - KJV

3. The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Psalms 136

It is the very beginning of the New Year. As thoughtful people, when we reflect on the past year and even the ones before it, we will realize the things the Lord has done for us as individuals and as a people. It is customary to find in a new year, many people dying within the first three days thereof so that they barely witnessed the dawn of the year but did not relish the goodness in it in the strict sense. Yet, here we are today, alive, well and praising God because it is only by His mercies that we are not consumed. For those who know, the earth that we occupy is fraught with great presence of darkness. To sleep and wake up is only by the mercy of God. Beyond that, the Lord has been dealing with the enemy so that he does not overwhelm us. All these despite our not being significantly worthy but for the Lord’s mercies. Israel was described as a stiff-necked people. Yet, because they had relationship with the Great God, He did not forsake them. He fought their battles, gave them food they did not cultivate land for, gave them water where none existed, made sure their clothing did not ware nor their sandals tear; He ensured they were shielded from the unknown forces who had heard of them and were bent on destroying them for no just reason but just for hearing of their greatness. Does this narrative also sound like yours?

Beloved, if anything, in this year, we ought to bless the name of the Lord more for the good things He has done and keeps doing for us. Let us praise Him not because He lacks praises as some will assume, but because He deserves to be praised. For how many of us do bestow blessings and protection on our recalcitrant children? Before long, like Jacob, we spit venom against them. But this God does not leave or forsake us despite our waywardness. He deserves to be adored. Adore Him.

SOLUTION: Give regular and unending praises unto the Lord. Create a time for devotion and ensure you honor the time throughout the year. Don’t let any negative occurrence prevent you from honoring your devotion. God deserves better than you can ever offer. He serves us. We can’t really serve Him. Our knowledge is too limited for it.

Mighty and everlasting Father, we adore you for who you are. We are determined to honor you better in this new year. Please help us in ensuring the fulfilment of this desire in Jesus’ name. And as we continue to adore you, let your overwhelming presence be around us in Jesus’ name. By the light of your countenance over us, let everything called darkness be far from us in this year and beyond in Jesus’ name.

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