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Henceforth, you will be celebrated

Memorize: Romans 9:26

And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people; there shall they be called the children of the living God.

Read: Romans 9:14-26

The mind of God for His people is good and not evil. It follows that rejection, which is evil, is not the mind of God. When man sinned and strayed from God, the enemy sowed discord even among men and made some to reject others. That thought of resentment that comes to the heart against other beings is not of God. Despite our fallen state as man, and the rejection that came with it, we were reconciled unto our God by the death and resurrection of His Christ. That fete has successfully caused those of us referred to as Gentiles and rejected from the commonwealth of Israel to become members of the Kingdom of God, and indeed children of God. Rejection was brought about by sin and sinful ways. Once there is a recompense for sin there is restoration.

In the same manner, it is possible that you are rejected today because of your sins. If you will return to God, He is faithful and kind to restore you. And by such restoration, the places where you had been rejected, you will be celebrated there. That situation of rejection ought not to linger. If it is borne out of sin, it is against God you have sinned no matter what you did. Turn back to God therefore, in repentance and whatsoever He asks you to do, please do it and you will never regret it. As fallout of his murder of Urriah, David was rejected by Israel as allegiance was pledged to his rebelling son, Absalom. David knew to return to God in hymns and psalms with prayers in repentance and he was restored to his throne. Those who rejected him and cursed him on his way out were eager to pledge their allegiance to him upon his return.

As you return to God today, in every place where you had been rejected before, you will be celebrated henceforth in Jesus name. This is true in that once your ways are right with your God, He makes your enemies to be at peace with you.


Father, in every way I have offended you that has brought rejection my way, please forgive me and show me mercy so that from now on, I will be celebrated everywhere I had been rejected in Jesus name.

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