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Focus: Acts 24:14 - KJV

14. But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets:

Acts 24:10-21

Heresy is a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine. The orthodox doctrine which Christians and indeed many other religions inherited, is rooted in Judaism through the Tora as contained in the Pentateuch or the writings of Moses. But Christ came to fulfil that which Moses had written by putting it in the proper perspective according to the heart and mind of God without condemning or rubbishing Moses for his biases that found its way into the writings. Nonetheless, since God is constant and does not change by reason of the thoughts or actions of men, He cannot deny Himself. That which Moses had said that does not depict God must be corrected else, we, as men, would only continue on a wild goose chase in search of God who is forever near. While attempting to put the proper position forward, particularly as it pertained to resurrection which Moses also believed, the sects accused Paul of making heresy not ever wanting to reason out what was said or being taught. What should we believe or hold on to: the will of God through Christ Jesus or the doctrines of men through fables that Christ came to correct so that we might be free?

Friends, whatever it is that is true and of good report are the things we will hang on to. They are the things that will draw us to our God and His Christ in the end. Holding on to the philosophies of men is what has drawn the world into crisis with wars, insurgencies and what not. If the earth be the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, why are men whose lives are like a vapor contending over territories, spaces and resources? Conversely, if we decide to dwell together in unity, the resources available to mankind is sufficient for all to thrive on at any point in time in this life. It all boils down to love – loving God and loving our neighbor as ourself.

SOLUTION: Please do to others as you would they do to you. Don’t bar people from survival and claim undue title over things that will someday be left behind. How does it feel to enter another man’s land and be treated like an alien or refugee? Be kind to strangers and stop relying on the traditions of men to preach hate and division.

Father, help us as humans to realize we are cousins and ought to dwell together in unity. Please frustrate the devices of the devil that is creating the culture of undue entitlement in the minds of men in Jesus’ name. More than ever, please expose the fallacy in the doctrines of men as compared to your Gospel so that people may know the truth and be set free by it in Jesus’ name.

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