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Increasing Faith

Focus: Luke 17:5 - KJV

5. And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.

Luke 17:5-6

Faith, as we will discover, is in measures. There is a case of lacking faith. That is when there is crass unbelief. There is what is regarded as little faith which is common in doubters. It is not that they lack belief, but they are not sure it can sustain them. There is the faith of the believer which has its proof in the signs of casting out devils and speaking in tongues, laying hands on the sick for recovery and so on. There is the great faith which is the one that knows and accepts that distance is no barrier to the supernatural occurrences intended. There is the prayer answering faith which is about just praying and believing we have what we have asked. There is the storm stilling and mountain moving faith which is believing like the mustard that as little a seed as it is, if it hits the ground it can become like the oak tree. There is also that faith that must be backed with prayer and fasting which is the faith needed to raise the dead and cast out hardened demons. The level at which Christ would want that the believer operates is the highest level of faith where all things are possible. To get us to that level, He left us a key to open the door. No matter the level of faith at which you operate ordinarily, if you add the name of Jesus to your asking with your existing faith, things are better galvanized into performance. The Peter that was sinking after walking on water made the lame at the beautiful gate to rise by the power in the name of Jesus. His faith level, combined with the decree in the name of Jesus produced a great and undeniable miracle.

Friends, what is the level of your faith. The Lord requires that you be faith-full to be effect-full. Just believe. For with God, all things are possible. If, however, you still have doubts creeping into your mind to stagger your faith, shut it down by asking in the name of Jesus and leaving all things in His care for performance. Those that doubt be like the wave of the sea and they seldom receive anything. But the Lord is faithful to put us above all our storms and challenges if we will hold Him dare and not call Him a liar. The storm that confronted Daniel and separately, the three Hebrew men were great and not ordinary but they surmounted them by faith. Your faith too can increase and measure up to such level if you will not doubt and particularly, ask in the name of Jesus.

SOLUTION: No more doubt, no more fear. The fearful cannot achieve much. Practice without tempting God, to put the devil to flight anywhere you find him operating. You may start by healing headaches in the name of Jesus. And as you make desirable progress in faith, don’t be afraid to pray to raise the dead or still any storm. Yours is to act, the real miracle is God’s to perform. Rest assured, He will never deny Himself.

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, please help our unbelief in every aspect of our lives. As we determine to carry on with great faith in you from now, let our lives be the examples of the miraculous on earth in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. And with the combination of our faith, we command this day, every storm confronting every user of this Guide, be still in the name of Jesus Christ.

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