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Instructions preserve from hell!

Key verse: Proverbs 23:12

Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.

Read: Proverbs 23:1-14

Instruction proceeds from one who is considered superior either in age, rank, knowledge or position to another, with a view to guiding that other to effect something. When the instruction is right and the recipient follows the same, the intended end is achieved. If the contrary be the case, the benefit is lost. Therefore, there are instructors and there are instructors. For the fact that people are more experienced and wiser one than the other, if the instruction is from the more experienced and wiser person, for instance in the art of war, victory may not be far-fetched. But the Almighty God is the wisest and most experienced Being there is. Hence, His instructions are foolproof and anyone who must excel must be careful to follow fully, such instruction. His instructions are numerous as we find in the Holy Bible.

To properly appreciate the leading of today, we need to expound a bit of today’s reading. There are things that men set up appetite for which are things that perish. Indeed, they do not exist but like what the magician does in his theatrics, they are but mere deception. When the enemy took the Lord Jesus after fasting for forty days and asked Him to turn stone to bread, it was not because he desired the Lord to get out of hunger. Rather, his heart was to make Him fall like the first Adam. Christ appeared to have seen the glory of the earth which the enemy showed Him from the height, but He knew that it did not exist as presented and that it was a ploy to put Him down. It was the instrumentality of the Word known to Christ (Himself) that gave Him victory that day. Hence, for us to escape from hell being the heart of the enemy for us, we also need to take in the instructions of God as found in His Word.

That which the enemy is dangling before you like a carrot is only a deceit. Lay up for yourself treasures in heaven. Such are the treasures that are real and do not fly away. There, the moth does not eat the treasures. Whatever you acquire on earth shall be extinguished in the end. If acquired wrongly or utilized wrongly, it points to hell.


Father, help me to put a knife to my throat that I may not eat the meat of deceit from the ruler’s table. Keep me within your instruction always in Jesus name.

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