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Instruments in Satan’s hand

Key verse: Romans 14:13

Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

Read: Romans 14:5-13

When the Bible says we should judge ourselves, it is not asking a brother to judge another. Rather, it is asking for self-examination. No one owes an explanation to the other. We all owe it to God and each one shall give an account of himself unto God before the judgment seat of Christ. It is bad enough to stand in judgment against your brother; it is much more terrible for you, because you want everyone to consider your brother as an evil doer, to place stumbling blocks on his path that he may fall for your justification.

The act of placing a stumbling block before another with a view to making him fall is what temptation is and it is what the devil does continually. Therefore, anyone that engages in same is operating in the ministry of the devil or at best is an instrument in the hand of the devil. The children of Israel were truly judged to be stiff-necked, it however did not absolve Aaron of guilt in building for them a golden calf (which became a stumbling block unto them) in place of God. If God would not spare Aaron after using him so much beside Moses the great prophet, why would anyone assume he would place stumbling block in the path of his brother and get away with it? Many today will set up the opposite sex for to prove their brother/sister is immoral. Others, monetary transactions and the like. If the victim falls thereby, it may be true that his salvation be suspect but then the one who placed the stumbling block would have succeeded in railroading a child of God back into darkness. For this, everyone shall give account.

The beauty of the Kingdom is that whenever a sinner repents, God is willing to readmit him. Repentance however must be total not to be repented of. When you claim to repent, God must be reassured that you are never likely to do so again. He does not want His Kingdom profaned by any. Judge yourself as a person; judge not your brother for he owes you no allegiance to please you but his God; most importantly, don’t do anything that will cause your brother to fall. We shall all give an account unto God of all our doings, each one of us. Let’s all remember this.


Father, I am called to shine your light in darkness, thank you. Please help me never to be an agent of darkness as to cause others to fall into it in Jesus name.

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