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Jesus is Coming With Rewards

Focus: Matthew 16:27 - KJV

27. For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

Matthew 25:14-46

That the Lord Jesus Christ is coming again to judge the world is a fact agreed to by every proponent of God whether as Christians or otherwise. However, many do not understand yet what form it will take and how judgment will be dispensed. The glory of the Father which the scripture mentions is abundant light. Such light that Moses glimpsed in the wilderness and his face lit up like the sun, is what Christ would come in when He eventually comes. This suggests that everyone that belongs to darkness shall immediately dissolve and fizzle away at His appearing. But there are those who at a point had submitted to the light but whose works do not depict the light. Because they carry the semblance of the light, they will remain, but every work that they lived to do shall be tested in the light. Those whose works are of darkness get the works burnt off instantly at His appearing. Those whose works are golden get the works refined like gold in His light and have some reward to show for their works when He appears. Whether you get a pleasant reward or not depends on the nature of your works. The works that cannot go through the test of fire shall be burnt though the workers themselves as individuals, may be ransomed. By this, we get to understand David’s assertion of preferring to be a gatekeeper in the house of the Lord. But it is more adorable to present good works that determines the crowns and the stars that the righteous with good works will be rewarded with than just be a mere gatekeeper or janitor in the kingdom.

Friends, the timing of the Lord’s appearing is known to none but the father. Rather than reveal the timing to us, the Lord gave pointers to signs and the fact that the gospel must be preached all over the world. All the signs are there now and there is hardly a nation that has not received the gospel. Meaning, Christ may show up anytime soon. Are we ready for Him? If we claim we have given our lives to Him and therefore will meet with Him at His coming, what will happen to our works when we meet Him? Let us make hay now while there is still time. Delay may be dangerous as tomorrow may be too late.

SOLUTION: The works that will survive the appearing are those that are called the fruit of the Spirit. If your life is not exhibiting the fruit yet, then there is real danger. Let love be your guiding principle and exhibit the joy of the Lord always. Patience is a great virtue that you need to add to temperance and longsuffering. When you have these and with love draw others to the light of Christ, you have nothing to fear.

Father, we look forward to your appearing to join us to yourself. Please Lord, when you eventually come, make each of us worthy of your glory and presence in Jesus’ name. Let our works be approvable in your sight in Jesus’ name. Please do not let our sojourn on earth be a waste in the end in Jesus’ name.

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