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Jesus’ Life In Our Body

Focus: 2 Corinthians 4:10 - KJV

10. Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body.

2 Corinthians 1:5-9

It is well known that Jesus Christ needed to die for man to be reconciled to God. The believer in Christ is also dead with Him in that when he believed, he nailed his being to the same cross where Christ died, and the life he lives is in the body of the resurrected Christ. Which is why, to commemorate that death and resurrection, he is immersed in water for baptism. And since a dead person feels no pain, the believer in Christ becomes dead to human emotions that draw him to sin; rather, he is filled with godly virtues that make him extraordinary and a better specie of the human, while on earth.

Now, if therefore we live by Christ, we should feature always the personality of the one by whom we do live. Christ went about doing good, healing the sick and delivering the oppressed. In short, darkness was in trouble everywhere Christ went. This same life is expected of everyone that is born again. Aside that, Christ was always in the business of His father, teaching everyone the way to the father and drawing those who were lost in darkness to His marvelous light. To live Jesus’ life in our bodies, we must be willing and ready to do the same things He did. There is a Spirit that made it possible for Christ to go about doing good; and to rise from the dead. If the same Spirit therefore, indwells us, then we are equally able to manifest in our bodies, the good that Christ did, and our mortal bodies are also quickened.

The result of living Jesus’ life in our bodies includes never falling sick but healing the sick; doing supernatural things that will make men marvel; drawing others to righteousness without much ado; demons trembling at our appearing; nature yielding to our commands and many more. We can however miss it if we grieve the Spirit in us that is responsible for our being able to do these things. Ask Samson: he had a foretaste of the same Spirit but messed up. Saul Kish did the same: when the Spirit came on him, he prophesied severally; but when he grieved the Spirit, he was left to his folly and he ended up mad. We can manifest Jesus’ life in our bodies till we meet Him in glory, if we will yield our bodies completely to the Spirit that dwells in us as believers.

SOLUTION: From the day we claim to surrender our lives to Christ, we ought to do so completely and not reserve any part of it to any other. If we will yield completely to the Holy Spirit from now never to deviate, then shall we be seen as the sons of God and joint heirs with Christ.

Please pray: Dear Lord, thank you for the grace to be born again; please keep your Holy Spirit in me never to depart in Jesus’ name. Give me the understanding of how to live my life in accordance with the directives of your Spirit that I may manifest Jesus’ life in my body, for all to see and emulate, in Jesus’ name.

Kindly share with others if you have been blessed by this Guide. God bless you as you do so, in Jesus' name.

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