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Joy In The Holy Ghost

Focus: Acts 13:52 - KJV

52. And the disciples were filled with joy, and with the Holy Ghost.

Acts 13:44-52

One of the elements of the fruit of the Spirit is joy. As against happiness which is brought about due to an occurrence that gladdens the heart, joy is something that flows from the Holy Spirit. Imagine the occurrence in Antioch, when Paul and Barnabas were rejected of the Jews and driven out of the city for preaching the truth of the Gospel to the gentiles, when the Jews had rejected them? Rather than show undue hostility and rancor, they turned around to go to Iconium to continue the work, but not before they shook the dust of the city against the people of the city, as the Lord had commanded. One would have thought the disciples would be bitter for such happening. No, they were not: they rather exhibited joy as they were filled with the Holy Ghost.

There is no better place to be than standing in obedience unto God. In the mind of the Jews, this duo were preaching blasphemy, yet they were operating on the instruction of God, directing as many as would listen to the light offered by the gospel, which takes people out of darkness. Once we remain in the counsel of God, the Holy Spirit abides with us to ensure we are strengthened for the assignment. Hence, no matter what the “rulers of the Jews” and custodians of the traditions of the fathers say or do to detract us, we remain solidly for Christ and continue to spread the truth which is the only avenue to freedom from darkness. Those who rebel against the preaching of the truth, even though they assume they are zealous for God, are custodians of darkness.

Beloved, let joy be found in you by the filling of the Holy Spirit. That is brought to bear when you do the will of God for your life, irrespective of the opinion of men. The enemy does not want us to fulfil destiny. The fulfilment of destiny is in living in accordance with the will and purpose of God. Anything contrary to this is propelled to steal our future and we must not let it. Joy is replaced with sorrow for those who depart from the course of God. Paul and Barnabas stood boldly for the course and never forfeited their joy. The young prophet was a champion for as long as he stayed in the course chosen for him. When he allowed himself to be deceived into another course, he never lived to express his regret and sorrow, as he became a disgrace to the course. Let us choose joy by holding our callings sure.

SOLUTION: What has the Lord directed you to do? Please do it to the exclusion of what others are saying. When you obey the given instruction, you will get further direction. God does not always give the details in the beginning. When you obey, you will be led further. Obey first.

Please pray: My father and my God, I want to continue forever in your joy; help me to stay in obedience to your instruction always that your Spirit will ever remain my Guide in the name of Jesus Christ. Let the joy in the Holy Ghost mark me out forever more as yours in Jesus’ name.

If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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