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Keep the Lord’s Name in Repute

Focus: Psalms 23:3 - KJV

3. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

1 Samuel 24:1-7

Our God is righteous and He does everything to keep us from evil. And if God be for us, no one outside ourselves can undo us. Because we are called by His name and we are related to Him, whenever we appear a bit mesmerized, He comes to our rescue and restores us from the effect of the acts of the enemy. Now, as we are known to be His, He does not want us operating in unrighteousness so that His name is not brought to disrepute because of us. Hence, He teaches us His ways and expects us to maintain and follow the paths He has shown us. Those who love Him and will not pay Him back with evil coin for the good deeds He does for them, guard His name jealously. It is disheartening whenever we hear people say of a person “and he calls himself a Christian”. That brings the name of Christ to disrepute. Meanwhile, the Lord invests so much in us to lead us in the paths of righteousness just to keep His name in honor. But what do we have? We ought to learn from the example of David which is rare. Saul was against David and sought to kill him. Yet, when by some accident of fate, David had opportunity to strike Saul, David hesitated and in fact refused to do so because of the name of the Lord. He even felt so bad that he cut the skirt of the “enemy’s garment”. This because the name of the Lord was attached to the “enemy” at the time.

We can do better than David. What the Lord desires from us is love. If we act in anyway outside of love, we bring the name of the Lord to disrepute. In fact, whatever we do that is not in consonance with the word of God is done in abeyance of the name of the Lord. For it makes people to wonder whether we mean what we profess. It is when we err against the word which we carry that you discover that even the enemy knows what is required of us. Hence, to shut the mouth of the enemy forever, let us make effort to operate within the confines of the word of God to ensure we are not part of those who draw the name of God into the mud. That is the basis of His investment over us - (from Christ laying down His life, to raising generations of priests and teachers and so on), should not become a waste. Let’s make God proud of us.

SOLUTION: Let us flee from all appearances of evil from now on so that the name of the Lord will be honoured for our sakes.

The Lord will constantly defend His name over your life in Jesus name and His name will never be brought to disrepute by your activities in the name of Jesus Christ. Every power wanting to put you into a dare strait so as to cause the name of the Lord to be mocked for your sake are rebuked sharply now in Jesus name. Stand strong for God; He loves you.

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