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Keep Your Mind Stayed On God

Focus: Isaiah 26:3-4 - KJV

3. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. 4. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:

2 Chronicles 29:1-15

When a man’s mind is stayed on the Lord, the same carries the presence of God which in turn is the anointing. The anointing is first kingly, then priestly and then prophetic. The kingly anointing sets him apart to confront and dislodge battles while the priestly anointing aids him in communing with God for himself and others. The prophetic anointing gives him the credence to speak the mind and instruction of God unto others. Those who are so anointed are kept in perfect peace. King Hezekiah set his mind upon God and exhibited all of these. Even his forefather David, though anointed but not enthroned at the time, ate the bread preserved for priests without a repercussion due to the anointing. When Peter was imprisoned, preparatory to his supposed execution by the king, he slept and could not be bothered by the circumstances around him because he had set his mind on God and therefore was kept in perfect peace by the reason of the anointing. Point is, God will not forsake those whose minds are set on Him. Consider also Daniel when he was cast into the den of lions. By the presence of God that he carried, he was kept in perfect peace and dwelled with the lions unperturbed and unhurt.

It does not matter what the world is pushing your way. The peace you require, to overcome all the turmoil around is available. Just set your mind on the Lord. Like Hezekiah, clear away every evil altar occupying the space of your worship of God. If you do that, then ensure that you put the altar to God’s use always. Then are you accredited as setting your mind on the Lord. Of course, the altar we speak of is your heart. The Lord wants to dwell there by His Spirit. If you can keep it free of Mammon and every other thing that contests with the Lord’s presence therein, then will you be anointed by His presence and thereby kept in perfect peace.

SOLUTION: The world is full of trouble. The way out is to set your mind on the Lord as commended. As you do so, let no other thing contest residence with Him in your mind.

Father, we release our hearts unto you, please come in and dwell therein permanently from this day in Jesus’ name. By your presence, give us victory over every strange thought and their effects, in Jesus’ name. Let us from now be in perfect peace and be your mouth piece unto many others in Jesus’ name. Every turmoil currently troubling our minds, please deal with now in Jesus’ name.

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