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Let God Be Your Guide

Key verse: Psalms 48:14

For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.

1 Samuel 30:1-8

David had been anointed king over Israel by the powerful prophet of God of his time even though another was on the throne. Rather than attain the throne, he became a cave dweller and later, an enemy of his people gave a city to him to dwell with his company. Unfortunately, with time, the city was attacked and David and his team were sorely devoured. The Bible says David was greatly distressed, for apart from his wives being abducted, this awaiting the throne king was to be stoned by his equally afflicted friends.

This situation describes what many of us are passing through. Though we did not commit a crime or anything that should warrant the authorities moving against us, we find ourselves having to hide from them that appear more powerful than we are. While hiding, the enemy decides to add salt to our already sore injuries by making our coveted friends turn against us. Life can be very intolerable in such circumstance.

But those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. David knew his God and encouraged himself in Him. He sought the face of the Lord and he got guidance that led him to recover everything that was taken from him and much more. Beloved, you and I can also smile again and sing a new song to the chagrin of the enemy. What we are called upon to do, like David, is to rely completely on the guidance of the Lord. When He guides us, we cannot fail. Guidance can come from your scripture reading, sermon by revered Believers, even a song or hymn constantly played up in your spirit, or through the direct voice of the Lord. When you are convinced about the guidance, never delay in compliance. You can only laugh last. If because of some anxiety (which is hereby discouraged) it seems difficult to be guided, take time, like Paul and Silas to praise and worship God despite the ills you face and He will come through for you.

That appalling situation need not extend beyond today. Seek the face of the Lord now. He is the master strategist. Check out His strategy with Joshua when he confronted Ai in battle after the first defeat due to infirmity. He wants to give you victory too. All He is asking you to do is to run it by Him for instruction and guidance. Take the step now.

Pray: Father, I need you now more than ever. Please direct me in the way that I should go so that the enemy will not ask where the Lord I serve is. This I ask in Jesus name.

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