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Life By Christ

Focus: Romans 5:17 - KJV

17. For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)

Romans 5:12-21

The eternal rule is that the soul that sins shall die. By the act of the first human beings, all sinned and therefore got condemned to death. This is a spiritual and not necessarily physical affair. The sin committed is an act against God. Incidentally, God is Love and love has no mind for any to die. Hence it is in the place of Love to want to alter death to life. It is great pain that the man created by God for love fell short of the glory and love of God. Yet, since God cannot do without loving since He is Love, He decided to cure the defect in man, which is sin, by paying the price for the act of man. It was Adam that sinned. Yes, we were in him when he sinned. Nonetheless, the nature of his action is retained in every man born according to the order of Adam. The cure is a new birth, outside the order of Adam but in the order of the Holy Ghost (God). Hence, the Holy Spirit caused a “man’ to be born, outside the order of Adam and therefore called the second Adam. Because He was born outside the order of the first Adam, He had not the tenets of the sinful man in Him but lived life in the order of the Holy Spirit. By this, He had no sin. Yet, to pay for the sin of man, He had to die, albeit without a fault. By His death therefore, the debt brought on man by the first Adam became extinguished. Nonetheless, because all other men were born in the order of the first Adam, there is a need to be born in the new order which is of the Holy Spirit. Those who are so born, receive the right to life as given by the second Adam and free from the vagaries of sin and death.

Are you born of the Spirit? It is when you are that you have life which is offered you by the death of Christ for sin, who had no sin. Think about it. It is not about the number of times you pray, sacrifice or go to a place of worship. It is about being born outside the order of the first Adam.

SOLUTION: Unless we be born again, we lack life or the right to it. Accept Christ’s sacrifice. Ask God to give you a new life in the Holy Spirit by your right in Christ Jesus. Those who do not get born again exist under the yoke of death by reason of the traits innate in them which can only be purged by being born of the Spirit.

The Lord who is Love, shall draw each of us unto the new birth by the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus in Jesus’ name. The sacrifice of Christ for us will not be in vain in the name of Jesus. As life is preferred to death, may we have life and life more abundantly as offered by Christ from now in the name of Jesus Christ.

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