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Look Away From Vanity

Focus: Psalms 119:37 - KJV

37. Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken thou me in thy way.

Genesis 25:29-34

There are things that attract man but have no meaning to his life or destiny in the end. If only we are able to understand and do away with those things that are vain in our journey in life, then are we able to end well and be pleasing to our God. Vain things appear to offer pleasure in the immediate but lack ultimate satisfaction. It is used as a bait to lure a person with a glorious future away from the glory ahead and presented with gloom instead. Look at Esau for instance: as first born, by all known human standard he was the heir apparent to the blessings of Abraham through Isaac. But because of vanity that lured him in Jacob’s pottage, he forfeited his birthright. If Eve had looked away from the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil, she would not have been enticed to it with a result of putting her generations in the bondage of sin. If Ananias and Sapphira did not look so much at the vanity of holding back part of their belonging with a view to cheating other members of the Christian community at the time, they would not have died prematurely. When the devil wanted to put Christ under his authority, he showed Him the vain things of the world and suggested that the King of glory should worship him. Thank God for the Wisdom of God that called his bluff.

What is it that the devil is using to attract your attention away from the love of God and your neighbor(s)? Is it really worth the eventual pain that will follow? To suffer pain and neglect so as to gain the glory reserved for us is better than forfeiting the glory with momentary pleasure in the immediate. Concentrate on the purpose of God and shift focus from the vain things glaring you in the face.

SOLUTION: Keep your eyes away from lust; focus on the purpose and calling of God for your life. Like Christ, always call the bluff of the enemy who is always trying to entice you with the vain things that he shows you. Pray God to quicken you in His way so that you don’t deviate therefrom, no matter what.

The Lord will help to keep our eyes away from the vain things of life put in our glare by the enemy in Jesus’ name. We shall finish well and strong in the name of Jesus. The power to resist the devil and the lust of the eye we receive now in Jesus’ name. As Christ gained victory over the devil when He was thus tempted, we are also in Christ and shall therefore be always victorious against the devil in Jesus’ name. Covenant with your eyes to look away from vanity. It only portends doom in the end.

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