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Love God Wholesomely

Focus: Deuteronomy 6:5 - KJV

5. And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

John 14:15

The love of God is prerequisite to seeing Him in His glory. Unfortunately, despite all the love God showers on man, we are always displaying our disdain for Him, and appear never to care, regarding His being loved. There is no way we claim to love God and we fail to obey Him. Whenever a superior being gives an instruction to the inferior one and the latter refuses to heed, it is like giving the superior a dirty slap, deliberately. No one slaps his beloved violently. Yet, we are given to always slapping God, without giving a damn how He feels about it. Incidentally, no reasonable person wants to remain in an abusive relationship. As Christ, the main image of God that we are used to, is the husband of the Church, He cannot be happy to stay on in a relationship where He is being abused.

How can we cure this lapse of abusing God? The Lord expects, like we do with a spouse we love, that we love Him with our minds (heart), soul and might. Minds: we are to place our thoughts on Him and what He wills in all situations. For where the treasure is, there will the mind be. Hence, we are to treasure His being completely; Soul: this is the particular being of man. When a man loves with his soul, he shares that soul with no other. When the soul is wounded and taken outside of love, it is said to be dead to that affair. In the same manner, when man takes his soul away from loving God, that soul dies; Might: this suggests that we use our physical strength for the love of God. We are to assert ourselves to ensure what God wills, is brought to fruition. That is loving God wholesomely.

Jesus, our example, showed His love for the Father in that He was committed to doing only the works of the Father. His heart was in it, not to fall for Satan’s offer of love at the temptation; His soul was in it, not to insist on His will as against the Father’s when it became toughest to bear the assignment; His might was in it in that He deliberately laid down His glory in Heaven to become man, went about teaching man to understand Kingdom affairs, and then, laid down His life for man to live. This example depicts what God expects from us. Let’s shun every enticement of the devil; do only what makes God happy always; and like Paul, forget who you are and put in your might for the purpose of the Kingdom of God, without being deterred by anything in the world.

SOLUTION: Loving God is a whole person affair. Haphazard displays of love cannot qualify. Most importantly, live life in obedience to what God commands.

Pray in this manner: Father, thank you for the example of Jesus; as I continue in this life, please help me to love you fully with my entire being in Jesus’ name. Please, whenever I appear to be failing in your love in any manner, do nudge me back in line by your Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

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