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Love, no matter what

Text: Rom.13:10

10. Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

Bible Reading:

Matthew 5:43-48


The instruction of God is hard for many to comprehend; yet it is the way to salvation and life. The major issue is man fail to understand God and the essence of his (man’s) existence. Truly, the world is full of tribulation due to corruption. Nonetheless, the nature of God is love and He desires nothing short from man. In essence, No matter what your neighbor is throwing your way, God expects you to win him and many other observers unto righteousness through your expression of love in return. When you decide to return evil for evil, onlookers may not have noticed his evil but yours. Even then, there is no evil in God and there ought not to be any in you. Where then do you find evil to reply it since you cannot give what you don’t have? Exhibit love which is of God in all aspects of your living. Difficult as it sounds, the Master expects you to turn the other cheek when slapped. Where did you obtain the venom you spit in retaliation from? It is only those who can endure to the end that will obtain the prize. Stop avenging yourself. God is the most righteous judge who has full capacity to discern the intents. If you avenge yourself in wrong judgment, your action becomes an affliction against your neighbor for which you become answerable to God. Leave it all to God: curse not but bless always. What you sow you will reap someday.


Father, help me to tolerate my neighbor in love; always showing love no matter the situation. Please give me the strength to hold on in love no matter the circumstance, that I may truly be like you, in Jesus name I pray.

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