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Make Up Your Mind

Focus: Revelation 3:15 - KJV

15. I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

Revelations 3:15-19

Life is quite short. As short as it is, it can provide individuals or even families or communities with the opportunity of living large. But because of the shortness of life and living on planet earth, such splendor is for a short while. While owning all the things, man does not seem to gauge and recall the shortness of life. Nonetheless, there is a God who lives in eternity untimed. In His sight, a thousand years is in maximum, like one day. By simple arithmetic, no man enjoys, particularly in these days, up to 15% of a day in the sight of God here on earth. Incidentally, that which man seems to enjoy belongs all to God. And as He is the owner, He can release it to whosoever He likes to enjoy. In the meantime, when man has a little of such possession, he tends to close his mind to the idea of God and when preached to, it is difficult to change, not going through lack or infirmity. Yet, God does not like leaving His resources in the hands of His enemies. Everyone that refuses to subsume himself under God, is His enemy. By the reason of His longsuffering, God waits for such to make up their minds and does not quickly withdraw His resources from them. When, after all said and done, they refuse to yield, time catches up with them and they eventually realize that all their possession amount to vanity. Ask King Solomon of Israel. At that time it may be rather late to fully yield to God..

There is a life in eternity that counts better than this life. Some have said it may not really exist and they will rather enjoy life at this end so that they will not be losers if indeed it doesn’t exist. But think about it: why can’t we live the short time here in moderation and acknowledgement of God just so that if eternity does exist we will not out of the short spate of time here forfeit it. It is a matter of choice. Those who fail to yield timeously nauseates the Lord, like the scriptures say and at the risk of God spitting them out.

SOLUTION: Take a stand for God today. It is the better way. And if you think it is a waste of time, decide to just lavish it all here so that the Lord can be speared of the spittle.

May the Lord grant you the grace to make the right and best decision in the name of Jesus. Time is short.

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