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My Father’s Business

Focus: Luke 2:49 – KJV

49. And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?

Luke 18:31-34

The business of God is encapsulated in redemption of creatures. For when man was created, the Lord had committed all things about the earth that He created into the hands and control of man. When man sinned and fell, the consequence was a release and surrender of the control of the earth and all the creatures unto the devil who deceived man. For you are the servant of him whom you obey. Furthermore, whatever a slave has belongs to his master, his benefactor. Hence, everything upon the earth which was committed to man had been put in the hands of the devil. Therefore, the whole earth cringe under the weight of the burden of the enemy. So, the mind of God is to restore man to mastery and put control back in his hands, away from the enemy. This could only be achieved by the Son of Man who is without sin to die for the sin of man, as it had been foretold. When man is restored, he carries again the potential to rule and be in dominion. Indeed, he is endowed with the sword of fire in his mouth so that his speech has capacity to devour the enemy. He becomes the son of God. Since Christ was born for that purpose of restoring man, He engaged in that business as early as age twelve, unraveling the hidden treasures in scripture about salvation. All this He did all through ministry. The business is not accomplished until the earth and the fullness thereof are fully redeemed.

You have a part to play in the redemption business of God. For every child of God, we are to become sons like Christ so that we also possess the sword of fire in our mouths to assert dominion over the forces of darkness that are ravaging the creatures because of the fall of man. It is only the sons of Man who are sons of God that can so redeem the creatures. No wonder the scriptures say the earnest expectation of the creatures await the manifestation of the sons of God. The earlier we realize as sons of God and joint heirs with Christ, that, like the first born, we ought also to be about our Father’s business, the better for us and the creatures. This is the essence of our occupying till He comes.

SOLUTION: Be resolute and serious about your sonship of God from now. Make yourself available for the leading of the Holy Spirit always. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Then, be sure to obey His leading and be battle ready to dispel darkness anywhere you find it.

Father, we present ourselves unto you in readiness to go about your business more than ever before. From this day hence, please incubate us in the Holy Spirit for the business of redemption in Jesus’ name. Help us to dispel darkness by your Spirit and power anytime we face it in Jesus’ name. Let your sword of fire which is your word be resident in our mouths not to depart therefrom ever, in Jesus’ name. Please give the creatures reprieve from now through our operating your business in Jesus’ name.

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