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Never Repay Evil With Evil

Focus: Proverbs 20:22 - KJV

22. Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.

Romans 12:9-21

Anyone who repays evil with evil is ordinarily evil and just got an excuse in the supposed evil done by another to manifest his evil personality. God is love and those who are His are of love, holy and carry no evil DNA. One of the first direct words from the Lord Jesus Christ in trying to amend the anomaly of the past was to tell us not to practice the “an eye for an eye” creed that was the norm in the past. Rather, He recommended that we show love to them that hurt us by turning the other cheek for our slappers. To do otherwise is to avenge ourselves and thereby dislodge the Lord from our affairs, who had said vengeance is His place. It is evil to disobey God and it is really worse to hurt anyone under any guise whatsoever. Truth is, the one we seek to avenge ourselves on may be innocent of the evil we assume he did. If in the end he is innocent, we will end up being the singular aggressor. That is not without consequences with the Avenger Himself.

Every time we read that David was a man after God’s heart, we tend to wonder, how? Looking critically at his person, everyone will agree that King Saul had done so much evil to David, wanting to kill him for no just cause. It is easy to conclude by this that Saul was evil. However, David came to a vantage position and was even counseled by his lieutenant to take the opportunity that came to him to avenge himself on Saul. Nevertheless, the man David will not so much strike the anointed of God. That was his statement; but a clear check would show that his heart was not evil and that was why it was difficult to pursue evil despite the evil done to him. Yes, he lost out to the enemy in the case of Urriah, nonetheless, he was a man whose heart majorly departed from evil. Even when Shimei became vulnerable and David could just kill him in vengeance without consequence, he refused. This is what the Lord expects from us. Please ignore his instruction to Solomon about Shimei. Whatever Solomon did was his own action, not David’s.

Beloved, what does it matter that someone has done that you just must hurt the person back? If you fail to do, what will you lose? Our pursuit of vengeance, often times prevent us from having the peace that the Lord has availed us, for while peace is lurking in our surrounding, we keep looking for evil to do so as to truncate the peace. Please berth an eye regarding that old nagging matter. Allow God be your avenger if there be anything to be avenged. Clear your heart of offence and get cured of the cancer that the enemy is trying to plant in your system through unforgiveness and pursuit of vengeance. It is better to enjoy peace than be tangled in evil.

SOLUTION: Please leave your past in the past. Avoid anyone that you perceive is out to hurt you with evil rather than seeking to avenge yourself of the evil done to you. Pursue peace with all men and holiness so that you can see the Lord in the peace He has brought to you.

Please pray: Father, it is true that I have been hurt by many, but because of your word, I will not avenge myself. Please grant me the heart and the fortitude to stand firm in love despite the evil done by men, in Jesus’ name. Let my love for others translate to peace and health for me at all times in Jesus’ name. And for those who have hurt me, please forgive them for they know not what they do, in Jesus’ mighty name.

If you are blessed by this post, kindly share with your contacts, as well as others, that they may be blessed also. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you do so, in Jesus’ name.

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