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Nothing Is Hard For God

Focus: Jeremiah 32:27 - KJV

27. Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Mark 10:23-27

Something is unique about God: whatever He wants to do, He does at will. When He felt like it, He created the universe. At a time, He decided to save Lot and his household: even though they were not eager to escape the unseen wrath that was about to befall the place they lived and therefore they didn’t move to escape, the Lord’s messenger dragged them by the hand to safety. When God is determined, He performs. No one can have another God besides God and make it into the Kingdom of God. But by His sole prerogative, the Lord can change the course of someone hell-bound and redirect him to paradise. Ask the thief on the right-hand side of the cross of Christ. It is true that it will be extremely hard for the rich to make it into the kingdom for you cannot be so observably rich and remain so when the needy abound in the land without being catered for. That is tantamount to a lack of love. And since God is Love, everyone that must make it must be like Him. Nonetheless, notoriously wicked rich being can actually make heaven if God so decides. How? If, for instance, by some divine set up, he becomes benevolent at the last minute. So, do not assume that your situation is irredeemable. There is no such thing as non-redeemability in the dictionary of God. Your case is not closed yet.

Please be mindful of how you carry yourself before the Lord at this time. He is willing to see you through that difficulty. But like the Lot family, your hand must be reachable for Him to drag you out of the impending predicament. He will pull you out if you don’t resist Him.

Whatever naughty situation is in any of our lives shall receive solution from the Most-High in Jesus’ name. As this month comes to an end today, the Lord will bless you by His Spirit that you may enjoy greater speed in the new month in Jesus’ name. The power of God will carry you across and even beyond in Jesus’ name.

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